Tabby Cat. Female.

Named by Martha.
Named after a cat I once had that my ex took away.

Other Nicknames: Tootie McWhiskers, Tootie Cutie, Tootie Beauty
Likes: being alone, food time
Dislikes: humans, fighting, itching

Tootie is the youngest of the Kittens of the Apocalypse.
She is no push over though. She may be the smallest cat in the house
but she can hold her own against any other cat and has a fierce battle call.
She is half the size of any other cat in the house. I don't know WHY she
never truly grew up but she is by far the cutest little thing you'll ever see.
She stays to herself and doesn't want loves. She will let me pet her when
 SHE wants me too. Sadly she suffers from a skin condition and isn't
very cooperative about it but yes, it does get taken care of with a lot
of resistance on her part.

Tootie's Introduction: 
I am Tootie. But you can call me Tootie McWhiskers.
I am the smallest cat in the house but I have a mighty
little growl... so don't mess with me. I stay to myself
because I just like it best that way. I love when it's 
time to eat and Martha brings food because then I let
her love on me. Don't let her know, but I secretly love it.

Motto: Cute that kills
Song: If looks could kill by Heart
Wrestler: Alexa Bliss

Want to help Tootie and the other kitties? 

Due to our limited funds we have a hard time but we get by. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a wishlist at or if you want you can contact Martha and send us a WalMart gift card so we can buy cat food. Thank you for anything you consider donating. 

Martha & The Kitty Army

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