Thank You

I want to take a moment to THANK those who have helped me...

donated 2 electric blankets and 2 heaters
plus 6 bags of cat food and 2 - 12 pack cans of wet kitty food.
a window unit air conditioner 
You are the most WONDERFUL person I know.

Tony, Quinton, & Mr. Jimmy Walker
building a real deck and ramp for the house
Thank you for taking the time out of your days
and driving all the way here to make mine & Erin's life easier.
We can never express what it meant to us in words.

Vix (Shona)
For always giving me a kick in the ass online
so I keep doing my thing. Thanks sis.

Ashlie & Jonathon 
For always helping me and Erin out with small tasks
and for giving us various things to help around the house...
and for taking Martha to get groceries when we had NO car.
You guys are the BEST of the BEST. We can NEVER repay the kindness.

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