Tattoo Gallery
I have several tattoos all of which are located on my right arm between my hand and my elbow making a half sleeve (Music Notes, Paw Print, Tiger, Skull & Black Rose, "Mom" with red roses, "Dad" with Purple heart,  a Scorpio "M", "Monster", a dragon with 2 skulls, The Undertaker's symbol, 1up Mushroom, Heart Attack Survivor, a spade, a Mario star that wasn't done right, a grow up mushroom from Mario, Boo ghost from Mario, Goomba from Mario, Yoshi Egg, Shy Guy, Yoshi, and Freddy vs Jason.)
I don't care if you like them or if you approve. Not your body... your opinion doesn't weigh much with me on this... kindly fuck off.

1st Tattoo March 30th, 2011
 in honor of my music and doing it since I was 3 years old. 
Done at Selma Ink

2nd Tattoo -April 6th, 2011
In honor of my love for horror (Skull)
and the loss of my only child (black rose)
Done at Selma Ink

3rd Tattoo - April 6th, 2011
In honor of being Scorpio
Done at Selma Ink

4th Tattoo - 2013
In honor of my Late Mom... whom was my life.
I love you Mom.
Done by Jeff at Exit 13

5th Tattoo - 2013
I promised Mom I'd get my tiger
when I got her memorial tattoo I got this too.
Done by Jeff at Exit 13

6th Tattoo - 2013
In honor of my Late Father who passed 5 months
after my mom... a purple heart for his service as a 
Vietnam Vet ... miss you silly ol' man!
Done by Chris at Exit 13

7th Tattoo - 2013
Paw Print to honor all the animals
I have saved and all those who I have lost. 
Love you always my friends.
Done by Chris at Exit 13

8th Tattoos - 2015
A spade because I am a card player...
so yea, self explanatory.
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion

9th Tattoo - 2015
"Monster" I think that says it all.
It's my screen name... I identify with it.
 Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
10th Tattoo and 11th Tattoo - 2015
1up Mushroom cause I am a gamer.
Heart with the beat graph to honor me SURVIVING a massive
heart attack on 8-20-12
 Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
12th Tattoo - 2015
Undertaker Symbol. I have been an Undertaker fan
since he began at Survivor Series in 1990. This is to
honor my hero. Long Live the Phenom of the WWE!
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion

13th Tattoo - 2015
Dragon with 2 skulls.
Saw this in the shop. Wanted more skulls
but REALLY REALLY wanted a kick ass
non-cartoony dragon. This was what I decided on.
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
14th tattoo - Feb. 2016
Well, he messed up my Mario Star
So I'm gonna just say he's dancing.
Done by Chris at Exit 13

15th tattoo - Feb 2016
Boo from Mario
This turned out fucking awesome and is a fave of mine.
Done by Chris at Exit 13

16th tattoo - Feb 2016
Goomba from Mario
I freaking adore this little guy.
He's so pissed off.
Done by Chris at Exit 13

17th tattoo - Feb 2016
Grow Up Mushroom from Mario
Guy made the line at the bottom too thick for my liking
and the eye is messed up making the shroom look like he's winking.
Done by Chris at Exit 13
18th Tattoo - 3/5/16
Yoshi Egg from various Mario/Yoshi games.
My fave tattoo artist, Mud, decided he wanted to do a
Yoshi Egg so he added it free hand drawn... it looks awesome.
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion

19th tattoo - 3/5/16
Shy Guy from various Mario games.
I love the Shy Guys so I got the most
common one put on me.
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
20th tattoo - 3/5/16
Yoshi from various Mario and Yoshi games.
I fucking love Yoshi. He's the cutest. I
just HAD to have him on me so here he is.
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
21st tattoo - 10/25/16
Done by Mud @ Art Fusion
So... I went to Mud about a Birthday tattoo.
I was going to get a small one done but he said
NO... "Let's go EPIC". So I told him how I was
kinda sad that I hadn't gotten a HORROR themed
tattoo being the horror lover I am... so I showed him
Freddy vs Jason inspired ones and he took this from this poster...
As you can see Mud does AWESOME work. I didn't want
to go past my elbow but it was fucking Jason and Freddy so yea.
Since I did go past my elbow, the upper arm will now be ALL
horror themed with Mud doing the rest of my horror tattoos.


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Cara H said...

Very cool work. I have seven so far. Will get more when I have some of these damn bills paid down.

MonsterMartha said...

I hear that. I am waiting for my bills to be paid down so I can get a few more. Always have TONS of ideas but limited fundage. Thanks for stopping by.