Remembering Johnny

My Dad... Johnny Pittman. He was a hard working man. Worked on construction jobs as an electrician most of my life. He would send me toys from out of state while he travelled. I always found that exciting when I was a little girl. He was devoted to my Mom... he loved her with all he was... and when she passed away, I think Dad lost all hope ... all want to live. He followed her 5 months later.

Dad was stand-offish to me a lot... when I was a little girl his love for good music (Hendrix, Zepplin, Bowie) rubbed off on me. He and I would play Atari for hours. He would let me drive the Bronco while he worked the pedals. He would honk the horn and wave at people as we passed even if he didn't know them. THAT WAS MY DAD. Fun, funny... and very silly.

My Dad served in the Army in Vietnam. He came in contact with AGENT ORANGE. I think it did damage him in some way... not just the experience of war but the fact that he was WOUNDED in battle and came in contact with deadly Agent Orange. The VA won't really answer me about that... and in the end... Dad died, was buried, and no one really told me much of anything about if it was due to the warfare used in Vietnam. I still think it was to this day... and I will always believe that.

Dad was PROUD of his military days... after all he saw SO much.. lived through so much. Yes he was wounded in action but despite that... Dad didn't talk much about the Vietnam days. He and I did visit the Travelling Vietnam Memorial when it came to Mobile, Alabama. Watching him cry ... he found his old Army buddy who died in action... I cried. War... it never changes... it just changed people. Whatever my Dad did... he did in service to our country.

I am proud of you Dad. I love you and miss you.



kuppy kake said...

after my parents divorced and dad found someone new...he had to get rid if me. we spent 10 years distant...never understanding why...till my last step mom came aalong...a door opened...till she got rid of me. now that shes gine and dad has his childhood sweetheart that always wanted me...weve grown close. im being accepted as I am and in all the past damages of step moms...I finally have my dad. I wish your parents didnt have to go...but I do know how u feel...and u have a great friend in this girl

MonsterMartha said...

Wow... so sorry about all that. Must have been rough. I was blessed to have my parents still be married... but even though I was blessed with that, Dad remained stand offish to me most of the time. He wasn't that way when I was little but as I grew older, it was like he didn't know how to act or treat me so he did the bare minimum. When MOm died, he checked himself out of the hospital and disappeared. I get a call in December and was told he wasn't gonna last 2 weeks. He was in the VA. I couldn't even get to see him before he went... it was a rough moment. Losing mom 5 month before then Dad. I was a mess.