Rainbow Bridge

The Kitty Army is sad to
report the loss of our dear friends...
our family...

Though they may be gone
from this house ... from our sights...
they are NEVER far from our hearts...



One day we will be reunited...
and we will be HAPPY FOREVER!!!!

Rest easy now...

passed away April 28th, 2014
When I first moved in with Mom and Dad in August of 2012
Buddy was the FIRST of Mom and Dad's cats to take to me.
When I had my heart attack, Mom said Buddy looked for me
while I was in the hospital. When I got out, he never left my
side. He became the FRIEND I needed in a time when I felt
abandoned by my ex husband. He was a sweetheart, he never
did anything bad or wrong. He loved other cats like they were
his brothers and/or children. Buddy had a heart of gold.
He got very lethargic at the end and passed away surrounded
by the black kittens (Moxley, Sweetie, Fleckie, & Puddin')
with Martha holding his paw, petting him, and telling him
she loved him MOST of all. He is so VERY missed.
Rest in Peace my sweet friend, We WILL meet again.


 passed away February 1st, 2016
Dixon was rescued from outside when he was just a few months old.
He had a bad heart condition which made his heart beat faster and
sometimes skip beats. Regardless, I took Dixon in and made him an
inside cat (since his other siblings had been killed by the neighbor's dog
and I found poor Dixon all alone and crying). He fell in love with Moxley
instantly and became quite the character around the house. The final months
of his life, he became a recluse until a week before his death where he took
up residence next to Martha on her couch, craving loving, and holding onto
Martha's finger with his paw. He passed away holding onto Martha's finger
as she told him he was a good boy and she loved him. He will be deeply missed.
Rest in peace my good boy, be in no pain. I will see you again, someday.


 (outside kitty - missing March 2016)
Blue was abandoned by a woman and her two kids.
She wandered over into my yard and I just adopted her.
I feed her and loved her. She's was sweetest.
After she was abandoned she got pregnant and I brought
her inside... Fleckie, Moxley, Sweetie, & Puddin' are the results.
Then she has sweet Dixon... who never truly lived without pain.
Blue was always having kittens but they would disappear..
I think local dogs would kill them or chase them away.
Blue was ALWAYS here... until her last pregnancy...
March 2016 one day... Blue NEVER came back home.
Blue, THANK YOU for being the first to welcome
me to DEAD LAKE.. and being a TRUE friend.
You were an outside kitty but you were TOUGH and
awesome... and beautiful and kind.
Your legacy remains in your children... and grandchildren.
You will NEVER be forgotten ... wherever you are.

 Puddin' had 2 kittens around the beginning of April... the
last litter by Dixon who recently passed in Feb. Onyx was the smallest
and weakest of the 2 but he still tried so hard. He was loud and strutted
his stuff across the floor at a speed un-natural for a kitten in his condition.
Sadly, April 21st, 2016 Onyx took his final breath.
Rest in peace little Miracle. Join your Daddy.
Some things are just too beautiful for this world... and you son, were just that.


May 2nd, 2016 poor little Pharaoh took his final breath wrapped in a blanket
in Martha's arms. He was told how much he was loved and he looked up at
Martha, meowed as if to say "Thank you and Goodbye", and took one last breath.
Goodbye little king. Thank you for all the snuggles and loves.
I will NEVER forget you.
We will meet again!
Rest easy my little one.

June 17th, 2016 one week after getting him neutered and
complications from that, Vincent passed away.
 I have no words to express the anger I feel at the
events that happened, nor do I have the words to
express my profound sadness.
Vincent was a kind boy, a sweet boy, a shy boy.
He was just starting to open up to me.
We shared a lot of love before his passing which makes it
just that much more hard to let him go.
Goodbye beautiful, kind, sweet boy.
 I am so sorry.
 I will never forget you Vincent.
 I will love you forever.
A piece of me goes with you... Till we meet again



It is with a heavy heart that
Martha announces the passing of the
Old Man Kitty... Prince Pretty himself, Toby
 Martha's heart is broken.
Toby originally belong to Martha's late parents
 but Martha kept him out of love.
 He went from not wanting to be touched to
cuddling with Martha when he could.
A staple of our household,
a cat who never did anything bad,
Toby will be missed.

I am sorry Toby,
I love you Old Man.
Always will.
You were everything to me
and I hope you are reunited with my parents...
and HAPPY. I will see you again... ONE DAY!


It is with a heavy and sad heart Martha
and the Kitty Army announce
the passing of ECHO
 EchySmecky... my little baby girl.
She had problems.
Skin problems. Always scratching,
Always pulling her hair out. I put her on
many a "VET RECOMMENDED" treatment...
but nothing worked. Her little
body just couldn't take this world anymore.
I am sorry I failed you Echo.
I tried everything I could.
Your little paw on my face as you took your last breath
 reminded me of why I do what I do...
and how you were always MY EchySmecky.
I love you sweet beautiful girl.
Rest now... I will see you again one day.


It is with a heavy and broken heart, Martha and the Kitty Army announce the passing of the 1st black kitty ever born to our family, Moxley on September 19th, 2016.

Martha is beyond broken over this. Moxley died in her arms in the morning hours fighting his hardest to stay but sadly, his body could not take the pain any longer and he crossed rainbow bridge to be reunited with his daughter Echo and the cat he loved most of all, Toby.

I loved Moxley beyond words... beyond all feeling. He was my baby boy. My 1st black baby and the first born. When Moxley was born I cried out "YAY FINALLY A BLACK CAT"... needless to say his other brother and 2 sisters also were born black. Fleckie, Sweetie, and Puddin' are all mourning as much as I am. The entire kitty army feels this loss. This house will NEVER be the same without him. He was the leader. He was MOX LA DOO cause he do what he wanna do. He was my boy... and my heart is never going to be the same. I promise you Moxley, your death is NOT in vain and never will be. I will NEVER let anything like this happen again while I am alive. I don't care what vets say, what anyone says... I will remember. I will fight. I will try. IN YOUR MEMORY MY BOY. I love you. Have fun over rainbow bridge. I will see you again. I promise. Wait for me.


I took Dot Dot in after my Mom died and then my Dad died.
She was a very stand-offish cat who didn't like people.
She hated to be pet, didn't like to be around people, and she
despised other cats. Despite this I kept Dot Dot because she was
my Mom's favorite (she only liked my Mom). For the first few years, 
Dot Dot was a loner and didn't come around much. Thankfully that changed.
She started cuddling with me and wanting more affection later on. 
Sadly, Dot Dot succumbed to old age. 
I am glad at the end she was able to overcome her hatred of other cats,
and her unwillingness to be around humans in favor of being next to me
on the couch, loving on me, and getting the affection EVERY animal deserves.
I will miss you Dotterz. I hope you and Mom are reunited.
Rest easy sweet girl. You will be missed.


Jellybean was Sweetie's First Kitten.
She was quite the daredevil and character. 
She had a skin condition but she NEVER let that stop her 
from being the strange, crazy, fun kitty she was.
She had a litter but sadly, as often first litters do, none survived.
She didn't take that well. Jellybean went a little crazy after.
She stayed to herself but was beginning to become more open again.
Sadly, due to a FREAK daredevil accident due to her miscalculation in 
distance... Jellybean passed away.
My little beaniebaby, your fearless spirit was so admirable. 
You may have lost a lot of your fur but never your heart.
You will be missed sweet Bean.
Thank you for being you.


Daughter of Sweetie.
Sister to the late Vincent.
Sister to the remaining Poe & Khan.
Tootie was the last born of the Kittens of the Apocalypse.
She was always small ... never grew too big.
What she lacked in size she made up in SASS.
She had a skin condition but she over came it and
still remained her little sassy pants self.
I dubbed her TOOTIE MCWHISKERS because...
well, it just sounded cute.
Sadly, Tootie was found one morning... she had passed
during the night. We don't know WHAT happened to her...
all I know is that my heart broke times a million because
Tootie was my special little girl...
I will never forget her. Her courage, her sass,
and her love for me will always be something I carry
in my heart for the rest of my days. Thank you
Tootie for being MY special girl... rest easy sweetie girl.

In Memory of the Kittens
who didn't survive past childbirth.

Sweetie's 1st litter - 2 kittens 1 death
Bama's 1st litter - 1 kitten 1 death
Bama's 2nd litter - 2 kittens 2 deaths (both deformed)
Bama's 3rd litter - 4 kittens 2 deaths
Jellybean's 1st litter - 5 kittens 5 deaths

We send you ahead to
rainbow bridge little ones, be free....
be happy... we will see you someday.


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