Black cat. Male

Named by Martha.
Named after Edgar Allan Poe the author/poet.

Other Nicknames: Mr. Poe, Poe-Poe
Likes: playing, sleeping
Dislikes: being wet

Poe is a member of the Kittens of the Apocalypse  born to Sweetie. 
There were 4 but sadly due to a complication from getting neutered
by a local vet in Mobile, Alabama VINCENT passed away 
Poe is a very shy boy but he loves to be petted
He loves to play with Tootie and his best friend is Khan.

Poe's Introduction: 
Poe here. I am not one for long speeches.
I am not very sure how to speak because well...
I never meow. I do love to play with Khan, Cookie,
Finn, and sometimes Tootie. Martha says I am the 
prettiest black boy she's ever seen. I know she named
me after something that means a lot to her. I like Martha.
She always gives me pets and food and water...
I really appreciate her.

Motto: Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
over a bunch of cat food I accidentally spilt on the floor...
Song: Don't fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Wrestler: Undertaker

Want to help Poe and the other kitties? 

Due to our limited funds we have a hard time but we get by. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a wishlist at https://amzn.com/w/11ORXES1LD6UQ or if you want you can contact Martha and send us a WalMart gift card so we can buy cat food. Thank you for anything you consider donating. 

Martha & The Kitty Army

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