Martha's Bio


Hi, I am Martha. The basics of me are as follows....

I am 39 years old (10/27/77), I have 21 tattoos (with more on the way). I have been married twice and both marriages were domestic abuse. Thankfully I am divorced twice as well. I have no children having lost my only child to a miscarriage at 4 months along. I lost both my parents in 2013 only 5 months apart. I am a heart attack survivor who still struggles with my health every day. I am a musician (I played trumpet until I retired professionally in 2010, I sing, I write/compose music, and I teach music when I can). 

I love cats (they are my kindred spirit) and have a deep connection with 99.9% of all felines I come in contact with (some call me a cat whisperer, I just know I've loved cats since I was a baby). I love sharks. I am a 30+ year WWE fan. I love all kinds of music but my favorite is Metal although I turn to the 80's a lot because I grew up then and the music just soothes me. I love movies (especially horror). I am a gamer since the days of Atari. I have tons of lyrics & useless information in my head at all times. 

This blog isn't going to be anything for the public any longer. I got tired of trying to get "views" and "readers"/"subscribers". I just felt it was.... IS time for this blog to be FOR ME. I won't write here unless I feel a need to or want to. The information I do write here is my opinion and mine alone. I don't give two flying fucks what anyone else thinks. 

I dedicate this blog to the memory of Ruby Pittman, Johnny Pittman, Natasha Danielle Pittman, Jimmy Prince, Ruby Prince, and Erwina Courtney. I love you all... thank you for giving me a lifetime of love and motivation to be ME (and for putting up with me). I miss you all.

You can contact me at