You have a lot of cats.

Yes I do.

I have a unique connection with the feline species since I was born.
A cat saved my life as an infant.
I have always adored cats so when I became an adult and was on my own...
I figured, why the hell not?
The kitties on this page changes with time... but one thing remains the
same... THE MISSION. And what IS the mission?


To provide a SAFE place for KITTIES to be loved and treated
with respect, love, and the honor they DESERVE as living beings.

My cats aren't just a "pet" they are my friends... MY FAMILY.

It is with GREAT pleasure
I introduce you to....
My loves... 
My family...



Tricolor Cat. Female.

Named by Martha's Mom.
Named for Martha's Mom's love of Alabama football.

Other Nicknames: Bam Bam, Bam Ba Ba Bam Yes M'am
Likes: Warmth, Shiny Things
Dislikes: Loud noises

Bama was originally my Mom's cat. She was just
a kitten when my Mom passed so I took her in as my family.
Bama is an unusual cat. You never can fully predict what she
is gonna do or how she will react to anything. She stays to herself
a lot but doesn't mind other cats until they piss her off. She's had
3 litters. First one died, second litter was badly deformed and
mercifully died, third and FINAL litter 2 died and only COOKIE
and FINN survived. Bama was a great mama kitty and always
wanted kittens. She took care of everyone else's till she had
surviving kittens (it was heartbreaking to watch as she lost each
kitten). Now that she is retired from motherhood, she spends most
of the time just being a kitty loaf, sleeping in face-plant position,
and meowing at me to get my attention.

Bama's Introduction: 
I can't type well. Anyway I am Bama.
I am a sweet gurl or so Marfa says. I really like 
to cuddle with her and be warm. She is so nice.
I am so very small ... so I am easy to fit in many places. 
I get really scared though and hides a lot when sumfing
frightens me. I has two boyz, Cookie and Finn. They
are a handful. I luv them though. I like to talk
to Marfa and tell her how I want her attenshions.
Imma go cuddle now. Bye Bye.

Motto: Soft Kitty Warm Kitty.... zzzzzz
Song: Precious and Few by Climax
Wrestler: Bayley


Black Cat. Male.

Named by Erin Kinsella.
Named for the fleck of white on his chest.

Other Nicknames: Fleckie Boyfriend
Likes: Martha, Martha, and Martha
Dislikes: Other Cats Fighting

Fleckie is part of the original Quads born from a stray
 I took in named BLUE when I first moved to Dead Lake in 2012.
Fleckie is the 2nd oldest of the Quad
(Sadly his brother Moxley died in 2016 -). Fleckie hit his head
when he was a kitten... sometimes he isn't quite all there. He freaks
out and jumps up in the air for no reason... it's funny to watch. Other
than that, he is a perfectly healthy cat. He loves to snuggle. He will
talk to you occasionally, but only when he has something to say.
Fleckie is one of the sweetest black cats you will ever meet.

Fleckie's Introduction: 
My name is Fleckie. I am the man of the house but I really
don't WANT to be. Since my brother Moxley died I have had
to be the HOUSE PANTHER and step up. However, I don't LIKE
to be that way at all. I would rather spend my days cuddling with 
Martha. I know how sad she was when Moxley died. I decided it 
was best if I just cuddle with her all the time... I know I get on her
nerves sometimes because I am very persistent but I just love her
so much and want her to be happy. I do have little moments when
I space out. Martha says I go to "fleckie land" and sometimes I
freak out for no reason. I don't remember much about those
episodes but I do remember Martha is always there to cuddle
with me and make me feel all happy again.

Motto: If Martha's Happy, I am Happy
Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams
Wrestler: Sami Zayn


Black Cat. Female.

Sweetie named by Erin Kinsella.
Named for her sweet personality.

Other Nicknames: Sweet Sweet, Tweetie
Likes: keeping to herself, meowing, plastic
Dislikes: other cats when they are annoying

Sweetie is a member of the original Quads. She is the most
stand offish of the 4. Sweetie is a very sweet cat. When she
goes into season for mating however, SHE IS THE LOUDEST
BITCH IN THE WORLD. She has had 2 litters. One kitten in her
first litter... JELLYBEAN. Her second litter consisted of POE, KHAN,
TOOTIE, and the late VINCENT .
Sweetie was a great mom and continues to be the most mother figure of
all the females in the house. She will meow a lot and when she wants a
specific person's attention she will grab your hand and pull it to her.

Sweetie's Introduction: 
Hi, I am Sweetie. I like to keep to myself most of the time
but I do like attention when I want it. I have a loud meow 
and am not afraid to use it. I will let loose a lot of meows
and yowls so loud Martha says I could break the sound barrier.
I think she is exaggerating. I have lots of babies that run around here...
Jellybean, Poe, Khan, Tootie... but I try to avoid them cause they
annoy the hell out of me. 

Song: I can't help myself by the Four Tops
Wrestler: The Rock


Black Cat. Female.

Named by Martha.
Named after Harley Quinn calling the Joker her " Puddin' "

Other Nicknames: Pud-Pud, Pretty Pud
Likes: Martha, Cuddling with Martha, Talking to Martha
Dislikes: when other cats snuggle or have Martha's attention

Puddin'  is a member of the
original Quads. She was the youngest of the 4 and the smallest.
Pudd Pudd loves me unconditionally. She loves to give kitty
kisses and will head butt me for attention. She is a snuggler.
Puddin' had 2 litters, one kitten survived a year her name was
ECHO and her second litter
had 2 surviving kittens for a few weeks named ONYX and PHARAOH.
Sadly Puddin' wasn't the greatest of mother cats but she is a great
cat who always loves to talk to me when I wanna talk.

Puddin's Introduction: 
I am Puddin'. Martha calls me PRETTY PUD. 
I am her "perfect kitty", her "Egyptian" kitty.
I am the most beautiful black kitty in the world.
Martha tells me so every day. I love her so much.
I can't stand when the other cats get her attention.
That belongs to me and me alone. I will meow and
do all I can to interfere and win Martha's attention 
back. I am very jealous but only because I love her.

Motto: I am purr-fection
Song: Perfect by Pink
Wrestler: Sasha Banks


Black cat. Male

Named by Martha.
Named after Edgar Allan Poe the author/poet.

Other Nicknames: Mr. Poe, Poe-Poe
Likes: playing, sleeping
Dislikes: being wet

Poe is a member of the Kittens of the Apocalypse  born to Sweetie. 
There were 4 but sadly due to a complication from getting neutered
by a local vet in Mobile, Alabama VINCENT passed away 
Poe is a very shy boy but he loves to be petted
He loves to play with Tootie and his best friend is Khan.

Poe's Introduction: 
Poe here. I am not one for long speeches.
I am not very sure how to speak because well...
I never meow. I do love to play with Khan, Cookie,
Finn, and sometimes Tootie. Martha says I am the 
prettiest black boy she's ever seen. I know she named
me after something that means a lot to her. I like Martha.
She always gives me pets and food and water...
I really appreciate her.

Motto: Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
over a bunch of cat food I accidentally spilt on the floor...
Song: Don't fear the reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
Wrestler: Undertaker


Tabby Cat. Male.

Named by Erin Kinsella
Named after Shere Khan & Khan from Star Trek

Other Nicknames: Khan Khan
Likes: playing, strings, the water dish, Martha
Dislikes: fighting, empty water dishes, when other cats sleep and I wanna play

Khan aka Khan-Khan is the youngest male from the Kittens of the Apocalypse.
He is a very sweet boy who likes to stay to himself
but he plays with EVERYONE in the house that wants to play.
He almost died as a kitten so I call him my miracle.
He looks just like his father DIXON but darker .
He was best friends with VINCENT but
now his best friend is POE. He loves little rope mice and
likes to put his paws in water. Khan is very loving to me and only me
probably because he slept on my chest while he was sick as a kitten.

Khan's Introduction: 
I am Khan. 
Martha says I am a miracle kitty because I touched
death but told him NO SIR I NOT GOING WITH YOU
and I lived. TA DA! I like to play especially with string.
When the others are asleep I walk around and meow 
cause I get sad they won't wake up and play with me.
Martha says I look like my daddy Dixon but darker.
I really really REALLY love Martha. I follow her
around the house and I love on her CONSTANTLY.

Motto: Let's Play!
Song: Jump Around by House of Pain
Wrestler: Shinsuke Nakamura


Tabby Cat. Male

Named by Martha.
Named after the WWE Wrestler Finn Balor.

Other Nicknames: Finn my friend, Finn-Finn
Likes: playing, snuggling, pets
Dislikes: kitty buster 5000

Finn aka Finn-Finn aka Finn my Friend is part of the Brothers of
Kitty Destruction with COOKIE (sadly the other 2 kittens died at birth).
BAMA is Finn's mother. Finn is a handful one moment he will
run through the house at top speed the next he's cuddling with me.
He's a sweet boy that always pays attention to you when you talk to him.
He usually can be found next to me on my couch or playing with his
brothers. He doesn't much like TOOTIE but we are trying to break him
of that habit. He does love his brother COOKIE more than any other cat.

Finn's Introduction: 
Hi there. I am Finn and I'll be your friend until the end.
Least that is what Martha says. I just want to play and have a
good time and... OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT? 
WHAT WAS THIS? WHAT WAS THAT? .... I have no idea 
what's going on. I am so freaking lost. Oh... yea, Hi my name is 
Finn. Martha is my other mom so I respect her and...
THERE.... OH MY GOD... I gotta go.

Motto: I have no idea what's going on... what was that?
Song: Everybody Have fun Tonight by Wang Chung
Wrestler: Finn Balor


White & Grey Cat. Male.

Named by Martha
Named because he looked like a Girl and I thought it was cute.

Other Nicknames: Cookie Bear, Cookie Pussy, Toot-tee
Likes: playing, snuggling, noms, holes, crinkle balls
Dislikes: when Martha makes me move

Cookie is a member of the
Brothers of Kitty Destruction that Bama had. He is the
youngest of the 4 (2 didn't survive birth) and he loves
his brother FINN. He especially loves our Chihuahua TINY...
unnaturally loves TINY. He loves to play. He gets into a lot
of trouble and often is very calculated in planning his little
mayhem. He thinks he can get away with anything and
sadly, most of the time he does cause he's quick to apologize
and be very cute about it.

Cookie's Introduction: 
I am Cookie the beautiful and majestic ... you are privileged
to be in my presence. I am beautiful and handsome... but I do
have a mischievous side. I love Martha but sometimes... I do 
bad bad things. I once scared her face. I didn't mean to but...
she forgave me. I am so glad she did. 

Motto: C is for Cookie that's good enough for me
Song: C is for Cookie by the Cookie Monster
Wrestler: Seth Rollins

Tri-Color. Male.

Named by Martha
Named because it sounded cute.

Other Nicknames: None
Likes: snuggling with Martha, sitting on the back of the couch
Dislikes: cars, being ignored

Waffles is the son of the outside cats Beauty and Dale.
He looks a lot like his Daddy.
I drove to Wal-Mart and after I parked to go inside I heard
a MEW. I opened my hood... and this little cutie was staring back 
at me. Feral at the time... I just carefully picked him up, put him
in my car, went in the store got my groceries, took all of it home, 
brought him inside and the rest is now history. 
He is a very SMART kitten who learns VERY fast. 
He meows when he wants food or Martha's attention.
He is settling in really well... and we will CONTINUE to 
update this profile as our little cutie grows and becomes a big cat.

Waffles' Introduction: 
I is a Waffles. I am are tryiz to uze interwebs.
I gotta go play doh. BYE!

Wrestler: Tye Dillenger


Chihuahua dog. Female.

Named by Martha's Mom.
Named because she was the runt of her litter.

Other Nicknames: Tine-Tine, Tiny Wah
Likes: sleeping, snuggling, kisses, cat food, treats
Dislikes: loud noises, knocks at the door, anything outside (It's scary
out there), when the cats fight, when Martha has to yell, thunderstorms

Tiny was given to my Mom as a present to my
Dad who had to retire from being an electrician because of his health and stay at home.
So he wouldn't be so lonely... Mom had a friend who couldn't sell this
little runt in the litter so gave her to my Mom for my Dad.
Mom called me all excited and said she was naming her TINY.
I thought "how cliché".
Tiny didn't like me at first but then once I started giving her treats
she just couldn't help but give in and become my friend.
Sadly when Mom died and Dad died.... Tiny became my dog.
I love my Tiny Wah.
She loves the cats and plays with them... she eats with them,
even sleeps beside them especially when it's cold.
COOKIE especially loves Tiny and it's funny to watch
Tiny try to escape the overly affectionate pursuit of COOKIE.

Tiny's Introduction: 
Hi there, I am Tiny. I don't mind talking like this but I 
don't much like strangers. I am shy and scared of the world.
I love Martha. She kept me after her Mom and Dad died.
I loved Martha's Dad. He was my friend... but Martha and I are
BEST FRIENDS now. I love to snuggle to her and give her kisses.
She has made my life so easy... I am a spoiled WAH as she says...
and I am THANKFUL for that.

Motto: Tiny yet Mighty
Song: Chihuahua from Beverly Hills Chihuahua Soundtrack
Wrestler: John Cena

BEAUTY - Outside Cat

Other Nicknames: Snooty Beauty, Diva
Likes: food, Martha, getting on top of houses
Dislikes: other cats, dogs

Beauty just showed up one day in the neighborhood.
She's a long haired Black/Chocolate cat. She has a 
dainty meow and an attitude of a true Diva.

Beauty's Introduction: 
Gorgeous aren't I? I know, I know.
I am fabulous. I am very thankful for
a human such as Martha who gives me
all the food, love, and affection a true
DIVA like me deserves. Now I shall
survey my kingdom from atop this house.

Motto: Fabulous 
Song: The most Beautiful girl in the world by Prince

BLACKIE - Outside Cat

Other Nicknames: Blackie Smackie
Likes: food, Martha, pets & lovins
Dislikes: Other cats, Dogs, Loud things

Blackie was the neighbors cat and when they moved
he kinda just said he liked it better with me.
I don't mind either. Blackie is a sweetheart who will
roll upside down and want love. He will meow and
talk to you if you give him pets.

Blackie's Introduction: 
Martha was kind enough to allow me 
to still visit and be here as I wish.
I do visit my old family (they only moved a little
down the road) but I really REALLY like
Martha and I come here to get food... but
mostly for the loves.

Motto: All you need is love
Song: All you need is love by The Beatles

So there you have it... 

It takes a lot to keep up with
all these kitties 
(see FAQ for more info).

Wanna help me take care

Wanna help me 

You can by donating food, litter, and other cat materials.
You can purchase them, contact me and ask for my mailing details...
you can also send money (I promise it ALL goes to the Kitties)
I will accept GIFTCARDS to WalMart as a donation because that is where I shop.

Thank you for considering helping and
to each person who DOES HELP.
It is MUCH appreciated.

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