Tabby Cat. Male

Named by Martha.
Named after the WWE Wrestler Finn Balor.

Other Nicknames: Finn my friend, Finn-Finn
Likes: playing, snuggling, pets
Dislikes: kitty buster 5000

Finn aka Finn-Finn aka Finn my Friend is part of the Brothers of
Kitty Destruction with COOKIE (sadly the other 2 kittens died at birth).
BAMA is Finn's mother. Finn is a handful one moment he will
run through the house at top speed the next he's cuddling with me.
He's a sweet boy that always pays attention to you when you talk to him.
He usually can be found next to me on my couch or playing with his
brothers. He doesn't much like TOOTIE but we are trying to break him
of that habit. He does love his brother COOKIE more than any other cat.

Finn's Introduction: 
Hi there. I am Finn and I'll be your friend until the end.
Least that is what Martha says. I just want to play and have a
good time and... OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT? 
WHAT WAS THIS? WHAT WAS THAT? .... I have no idea 
what's going on. I am so freaking lost. Oh... yea, Hi my name is 
Finn. Martha is my other mom so I respect her and...
THERE.... OH MY GOD... I gotta go.

Motto: I have no idea what's going on... what was that?
Song: Everybody Have fun Tonight by Wang Chung
Wrestler: Finn Balor

Want to help Finn and the other kitties? 

Due to our limited funds we have a hard time but we get by. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a wishlist at or if you want you can contact Martha and send us a WalMart gift card so we can buy cat food. Thank you for anything you consider donating. 

Martha & The Kitty Army

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