Q: Are you a Satanist?
A: Ever since I was around 12 years old people have accused me of being a Satanist. I always wear all black and I love Heavy Metal music. Well I guess here in Alabama this means I am a Satanist. I was thrown into a church to get "SAVED" and "BAPTIZED". As soon as that was done the church ignored me. I was 13 at this time. When I miscarried and got out of a physically abusive relationship I turned to the church again, I was 18 at this time. I was constantly put down, told I slept with the youth minister (which I wouldn't have if he was the last person on this Earth), and was called a harlot, Jezebel, and the anti-Christ. One sermon was even dedicated to me and called me pure evil but not by name... but you could tell it was all about me. After that, I swore of Christian churches forever. Throughout this whole ordeal with the Christian church, I researched the occult, paganism, and also Satanism. I joined the Official Church of Satan at around age 13 or 14 with a friend's help. I, however, never truly practiced the satanic religion. I also started meditating and practicing more of my ancestral native American philosophy. These days I do believe a lot out of the Satanic bible because it is really close to what my grandfather (on mom's side) believed and taught me. I do love me some Lucifer though... but I don't "WORSHIP" any god. I bow before no god or man. I believe in being good and doing good. If someone hurts me I either let Karma take out the punishment or if I am pissed enough I will strike back. I would never intentionally hurt or kill someone, never have, never will. I try not to be involved in conflict but I am human and it happens. I believe in punishment fitting the crime. I do not believe that I owe anyone anything or that the world owes me anything. I laugh at the thought of Jesus (basically a glorified Zombie) and I am very tolerant of religions just don't shove yours down my throat. I am not a bad person, I just don't want to follow an "official" or "organized" religion. Any more questions?

Q: Why you single?
A: I was married twice. Once to a man who was abusive physically and verbally who also cheated. The second marriage was 13 years of emotional, mental, and verbal abuse by a man who controlled me, manipulated me, kept me from my family, stole from my family and me, and was a cheater. So I am not really KEEN on the whole marriage thing anymore. And it's my right to be so...besides, the delusion has worn off... there is no happy ending, no white knight on a steed, and no such thing as true love. I used to believe I'd find mine... my soul mate. Now I know, I expected TOO much because he just doesn't exist.

Q: Why the name MONSTERMARTHA?
A: I had started using this name in 2010 while still married to my ex of 13 years. I thought it was better than my previous one TIGERLADY. I felt I needed a change and I wanted to try to get back into who I was before I let this asshole of a man change who I was. I love horror movies so I decided MONSTER was a good idea just add it to my name MARTHA and WALA! MonsterMartha was born. I kept it because in all honesty, I love it. It gives me confidence... a power I lacked for over 13 years. Plus, It's kinda fucking cool.

Q:  But Why MONSTERMARTHA? You don't seem like a monster. Why call yourself something so negative?
A: I don't look at MONSTERMARTHA as a negative. I look at is as POWER. I was weak and fragile ... completely lost. When I took back control of my life I became stronger, more powerful for my OWN sake. That is why MonsterMartha isn't a negative thing to me. I love my horror and dark things but the name itself is much more than that. It's freedom.

Q: How is your health?
A: It's a rollercoaster ride. I take a lot of pills and avoid salt being added to my food. I walk as much as I can and I try to monitor my blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and my asthma. I try to do good... and for the most part it's been going rather well. If you need UP TO DATE info please feel free to message me via facebook or email me.

Q: Isn't most of your HEALTH PROBLEMS all in your head?
A: No. None of it is. I have seen multiple doctors and been diagnosed with several disabling illnesses. I take medications and see doctors regularly. Everything I say about my health is REAL 100%. I have no reason to lie or exaggerate because the truth is scary and it's not something someone WANTS to have. I don't want to be sick. I don't want asthma, heart disease, depression/anxiety/ptsd, or ANYTHING I suffer from. I want to be able to be healthy and happy but sadly, that isn't the case. It isn't all in my head. Perhaps you shouldn't be so ignorant and research some of the things I list as health problems to determine the truth behind what I say.

Q: You are making most of this up for attention.
A: I make NOTHING up. I don't need/want/have to. I don't want attention. In all honesty, I would rather NOT have any attention but I share the information I share with the world in hopes that it will HELP someone else and save them from making the STUPID MISTAKES I made in life. I don't want pity. I can do without anyone's sympathy. I don't want people babying me or feeling sorry for me. FUCK THAT. I want people to look at me and go... "WOW... she survived... and she THRIVED." I fight my battles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .... all 365 days a year. It NEVER lets up and it is ALWAYS there. I'll have good days and then I'll have bad days. I take everything one step, one day at a time. I don't give up. I don't give in. I do what I need to do for myself to SURVIVE. So you can take your little opinion of me making it up for attention and stick it up your ass for all I care. I don't NEED to validate myself for YOU.

Q: You are an attention whore.
A: um... no. I rather not have ANY attention like I said above.

Q: Everything you say is just DRAMA. You are overly dramatic. 
A: And a fuck you to you. Honestly drama drives me crazy. All I want is PEACE. I've been through a lot in my life and I really don't want to spend the rest of my time on this earth (however long that is) engulfed in DRAMA. Who would?

Q: What happened to your parents?
A: My Mom passed away on 7/8/13 of lung cancer. Dad passed away 5 months later on 12/22/13 of various cancers and complications of coming in contact with Agent Orange during his days in Vietnam.

Q: You were a burden on your parents.
A: And you know this how? My parents LOVED me. They did everything they could for me and I APPRECIATED every damn bit of it. HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! You know NOTHING.

Q: What about the rest of your family?
A: I have aunts and uncles... even a grandmother that was living (Last I heard in 2012). None of these people have contacted me or tried to see about me since Dad's Funeral in December of 2012. I figure if they don't make an effort then why should I? It's obvious they could care less about me. Yes, it DOES make me sad because I was an ONLY CHILD and now that my parents are gone and my family seems to have ABANDONED me.... I am alone.

Q: Will you ever marry again?
A: No. I just don't see it happening. I've been there and done that and failed twice. Rather not go for the third in all honesty. I just... am very happy at where I am in life right now and I don't want any added complications. 


Q: Does Getting a Tattoo hurt?
A: YES IT DOES. Ok let me explain before you freak out. Everyone has a different tolerance for PAIN. So my pain threshold isn't the same as yours. I can tolerate a lot before it becomes ultra painful. Also it depends on the tattoos location, style, and the artist who is tattooing you (some are NOT gentle, some are). Lots of different factors to consider there... don't let the fear of a little pain hold you back from the experience. The best I can describe the feeling of getting a tattoo is... it's like a fire ant biting you repeatedly. It isn't pleasant but it can be tolerated.

Q: Why did you get so many different tattoos?
A: Because that is what I wanted. I have a reason for each tattoo and I get nothing that is an fad or passing obsession. I take each tattoo into careful consideration. What you have to do is ask yourself... "CAN I LIVE WITH SEEING THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?" if you answer YES then there you go. Also ask yourself if you will regret the tattoo... if your answer is no... then you are good to go. Sure, yes, there is laser tattoo removal but it is EXPENSIVE and I heard even MORE painful than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Q: Who does your tattoos?
A: Well, I had several artists tattoo me. I did a place in Selma, Alabama when I lived there. Wasn't happy but not particularly unhappy with them. When I moved to the Saraland, Alabama area I let Jeff and Chris at Exit 13 do a few on me but after the mess up of a simple STAR I decided to go with an artist who previously worked at Exit 13 and did some work on me but opened up his OWN studio with other friends who tattoo. So my tattoo artist (and he does AWESOME WORK) is Eric "MUD" Broadbent. Look him up on Facebook at ART FUSION TATTOO GALLERY. Tell him Martha sent you and he will treat you right.

Q: Will you regret your tattoos?
A: FUCK NO. Why should I? Everyone has a meaning to me and I love them... even the fucked up ones are meaningful. You should never get a tattoo of something that you will end up disliking or not liking as much in the future. That's why you don't see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, N SYNC, or ANY ANIME on my fucking body. I get what means something to ME. I suggest you do the same.

Q: How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
A: The prices vary depending on the size, color, and complexity of the tattoo. An all black one will not cost as much as a color. A small not as much as a big one. And, a complex design will cost more than a simple one. It also depends on the artist's discretion. You should talk with the artist first before you do anything and see what can be worked out. ALSO, you pay for what you get. If you go to a tattoo artist and he says "I'll do your tattoo for $100 dollars" but then you go to the next artist and he says "I can do it for $50" you are ASKING for trouble. Unless you KNOW and TRUST the artist please be careful who you get to do your tattooing cause you could end up with a heart that look like a circle. Just saying.

Q: You realize your tattoos mean you are going to HELL don't you?
A: Well fuck you very much. I can assure you I was headed there WAY BEFORE I got my fucking tattoos... just because I have them now doesn't add anything to the going to hell picture. But since you said it... let me just say this: NO TATTOO IS GOING TO MAKE YOU GO TO HELL. If someone tells you that they are an ignorant little fuck who is too cowardly to get a tattoo so they judge you for yours. Truth is they are probably jealous they don't have the balls to do something like tattooing. So fuck you, and have a nice day.

Q: Your tattoos are STUPID.
A: Well... so is your butt. Idiot. MY TATTOOS ARE NOT FOR YOU THEY ARE FOR ME. I don't care what the fuck you think about them in the least. I like them, enough said.

Q: Any plans for MORE tattoos?
A: ALWAYS. I have extended the tattooing to my upper right arm so I am INDEED going to go full right sleeve. The upper right arm will be filled up with various ideas I have right now. I am going to get a snake, probably going to get mom and dad's initals put on me, a queen of hearts, a phoenix... so many more... I have so many ideas but so little space LOL.

Q: Are you addicted to tattoos?
A: Simple answer... no but yes. LOL. Ok let me try to explain. I like my tattoos. I wish I didn't have to sit through a needle being repeatedly pushed into my skin but it is a small price to pay for the happiness looking at my tattoos gives me. So in a way, yes I am addicted because I always have ideas for MORE of them. And let's face it... there is something about the sound of a tattoo gun, smell of ink, and the feel of getting a tattoo than can be quite an awesome experience.

Q: Should I get a tattoo?
A: YES. If you are wanting one... DO IT. Don't wait. Don't put it off. DO IT. You'll spend your life wondering WHAT IF if you allow doubt to cloud your judgement. I waited till I was 30 or so before I got my first and I so wish I had done it sooner... I let my ex husband dictate to me what I could and could NOT do with my body. Don't let ANYONE control you like that. It's your body, your decision, and if you have the cash, can tolerate pain, and have a tattoo you know you'll like forever and never regret I say you should do it IMMEDIATELY. Good luck with that. Feel free to share if you get it in the comments (and a pic is ALWAYS welcomed... I love to CELEBRATE good tattoo art).

Q: I've seen you say TATTOO is ART a lot. Why?
A: It takes a lot of talent to be a tattoo artist. These men and women work hard at their craft and are dedicated to doing a good job. Every artist is different and unique... so every tattoo is different and unique. Tattoos to me are art. They tell a story. So yea, I call it art. Lots of people do.


Q: What are you listening to?
A: Ok... that's hard so ... here is my playlist... HAVE AT IT.

Q: What movie changed your life?
A: Easy. Dracula 1931. My Granny (Mom's Grandmother) sat me down and showed me Bela Lugosi as the iconic Dracula and I was hooked. From that moment on horror was life.


Q: What game was the hardest for you to ever beat?
A: Ninja Gaiden Black in hardest mode. Fucking difficult as fuck. But fun.

Q: What game was the easiest for you to ever beat?
A: Tetris. Went through that in like 4 to 5 hours. Done. I miss those old simple days. LOL.


Q: Why do you have so many cats?
A: Because I want them. Seriously. What the fuck does it matter to YOU? I love my cats. They are my family... they make my life SO much better. I have all these cats because I love them... enough said.

Q: How many litter boxes do you have?
A: 6 actually BIG boxes (storage boxes converted into massive litter boxes) plus a whole bathtub lined so they can do in there as well. I also put down piddle pads for the Chihuahua but the cats love to use them too.

Q: How many food bowls do you have and what kind? Also what do you use for food and how much do you feed the kitties?
A: Damn, nosey aren't ya? I have 11 food bowls ranging from big to small for all kitty types. Some are thick plastic and others are ceramic. The cats are feed KIT N KABOODLE. I buy 3 30lb bags a month and keep their bowls full. They eat well.

Q: What kind of water bowls do you provide for your animals?
A: I feel like someone's trying to say I do wrong by my animals but I don't. I have 1 large Drinkwell 360 fountain that stays full and a huge self waterer that holds 2 gallons that is filled once a day. My animals LOVE them.

Q: What kind of entertainment do you provide your kitties?
A: I am constantly buying little fuzzy balls and little mice for them to play with. They get new toys all the time plus they love boxes and love caps from bottles... typical kitty stuff.

Q: Do your cats fight?
A: Not bad... Not anymore. Once I got Moxley and Fleckie fixed the fighting went away. Since Moxley's death, the boys of the house now get along better as if saying they understand his death took a lot of my heart so it's better to have peace. Now they will get pissed at each other and take swipes like normal cats do but it never gets out of control. I have a spray bottle filled with water called THE KITTY BUSTER 5000 so if they get rowdy, I squirt at them, they hate that so they stop.

Q: How can you give your affection EQUALLY with so many cats?
A: My kitties do their own thing. When they want my attention and affection, they come to me. However, sometimes I go to them. I make sure to love on and pet on each of them at least a couple of times a day just to let them know I do love them and they are special to me. Some of my cats are more of the "Attention whore" than others.

Q: How much DOES it take to maintain the KITTY ARMY?
A: 1 - 30lb bags of cat food a month locally at $20 a bag which is $20 a month
3 - 32 can boxes of Purina Pete Wet Food in various flavors.
1 - 20lb bag of litter a week locally at $6 a bag times 4 weeks in a month which is around $24
also... countless mice toys killed weekly at endless costs to my wallet and sanity.

Q: How can we donate and help the kitty army?
A: You can order us supplies from https://amzn.com/w/11ORXES1LD6UQ and purchase from that wishlist for my cats, OR you could send me GIFTCARDS to WalMart as a donation because that is where I shop. Every thing donated goes towards the Kitty Army. I have my food covered but I constantly worry about having enough for them. Any help is appreciated. Thank you



If so feel free to ask it here in comments or submit it to MonsterMartha@gmail.com