A lot of people have asked me who ERIN is and how he plays out in my life.

Erin Kinsella is my BEST FRIEND, MY ROCK, THE PAIN IN MY BUTT... lol
but I could NOT imagine my life ONE MOMENT without him.

This is Erin...

In June of 2013, Erin contact me via internet and we decided to meet. I needed some cheering up because Mom was slowly succumbing to Cancer. I drove and got Erin and brought him to Saraland (10 minutes outside Mobile) with me. 2 Days later, My Mom passed away. Dad was still in the hospital so I would have been alone if not for Erin. Erin was a shoulder and a comfort during all that time because I had no one... without him there I probably would have become even more depressed.

He was my rock and I can never repay him for that.

After that, Dad checked himself out of the hospital and disappeared back to Selma, Alabama checking in with me periodically (Dad couldn't handle it without Mom). I figured we didn't need to rent a house in Saraland, Alabama anymore. Dad wasn't there, Mom was gone, and the house was too big for Erin and I (plus the landlord didn't keep it up ... and $750 a month was just TOO much). We found a nice place in Creola, Alabama in October of 2013. Our plans was to move in here and give Dad a bedroom ... but Dad stayed in Selma. The next time I heard from my Dad he was in the VA and they told me he had probably 2 weeks to live. He died December 22, 2013.

Erin traveled with me to my hometown of Selma to bury my dad. The rest of my family on Mom's side just kind of turned their back on me and after the funeral for Dad... his never contacted me again. 

Erin got a job at a call center and loved his job but he kept getting sick. Sadly May 1st, 2014... Erin lost his left leg to diabetes.

 He got a prosthetic leg and did well on it but he got sick again and a few days before Thanksgiving 2016, he lost his other leg. Shortly after that, the job he loved so much, MADE HIM RESIGN.

Erin has filed for disability but has been DENIED. We are fighting it and are hopeful that he will get disability.

While he is trying we are desperately trying to make it on my small disability check... we can pay most bills but if something breaks or comes up, we are pretty much out of luck. 

If anyone wants to DONATE to help Erin and Martha out you can ... there are 2 ways.

First way is by buying us items we need from our wishlist. We add new items all the time so please check back to see if you can help in ANY WAY!

The other way you can help was set up by Erin's Mom Cindy (They help us as they can but times are tough for EVERYONE).

You can donate through the website any dollar amount you choose. Every little bit HELPS.

Thanks to all who donate it really is appreciated. 

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