Dot Dot

Calico female

Named by Martha's Mom.
Named for a kitten we once had who died sadly.

Other Nicknames: Dotterz, Dert Dert, Da Dert Da Der
Likes: Martha, her spot on the couch
Dislikes: Other cats, humans (except Martha)

Dot Dot was originally my Mom's cat.
When Mom passed away I took Dot Dot in as my own.
She took years and a lot of heartache to get her to like me.
She has a skin condition and also a stomach problem
but nothing bad that isn't TREATABLE.
She's had one litter only ONE kitten survived... Bama's Mom SMUDGE
(who sadly was lost not very long after my Mom passed in 2012).
Dot Dot is a rare gem and I am glad she's part of my family.

Dot Dot's Introduction: 
Do I really have to address more pathetic humans?
oh... alright. *sigh* I am the QUEEN ... Dot Dot. No one is above me.
*whispers* except Martha, she's the SUPER QUEEN.
I don't care what any other cat is doing... all I want to do is sleep
next to Martha on her couch (usually on the arm of the couch).
Martha is so good to me. I throw up because of bad tummy problems.
Martha never yells at me. She pats my back as I throw up and puts
paper towels under me so I don't mess up the couches.
She also protects me from some of the more mischievous cats.
Martha's Mom was the best... but I am thankful I have such a 
great human as Martha to take care of me. Other humans can piss off though.

Motto: Leave me alone. I hate you all.
Song: So What? By Metallica
Wrestler: Chris Jericho

Want to help Dot Dot and the other kitties? 

Due to our limited funds we have a hard time but we get by. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a wishlist at or if you want you can contact Martha and send us a WalMart gift card so we can buy cat food. Thank you for anything you consider donating. 

Martha & The Kitty Army

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