Tricolor Cat. Female.

Named by Martha's Mom.
Named for Martha's Mom's love of Alabama football.

Other Nicknames: Bam Bam, Bam Ba Ba Bam Yes M'am
Likes: Warmth, Shiny Things
Dislikes: Loud noises

Bama was originally my Mom's cat. She was just
a kitten when my Mom passed so I took her in as my family.
Bama is an unusual cat. You never can fully predict what she
is gonna do or how she will react to anything. She stays to herself
a lot but doesn't mind other cats until they piss her off. She's had
3 litters. First one died, second litter was badly deformed and
mercifully died, third and FINAL litter 2 died and only COOKIE
and FINN survived. Bama was a great mama kitty and always
wanted kittens. She took care of everyone else's till she had
surviving kittens (it was heartbreaking to watch as she lost each
kitten). Now that she is retired from motherhood, she spends most
of the time just being a kitty loaf, sleeping in face-plant position,
and meowing at me to get my attention.

Bama's Introduction: 
I can't type well. Anyway I am Bama.
I am a sweet gurl or so Marfa says. I really like 
to cuddle with her and be warm. She is so nice.
I am so very small ... so I am easy to fit in many places. 
I get really scared though and hides a lot when sumfing
frightens me. I has two boyz, Cookie and Finn. They
are a handful. I luv them though. I like to talk
to Marfa and tell her how I want her attenshions.
Imma go cuddle now. Bye Bye.

Motto: Soft Kitty Warm Kitty.... zzzzzz
Song: Precious and Few by Climax
Wrestler: Bayley

Want to help Bama and the other kitties? 

Due to our limited funds we have a hard time but we get by. Any help from you would be GREATLY appreciated. We have a wishlist at or if you want you can contact Martha and send us a WalMart gift card so we can buy cat food. Thank you for anything you consider donating. 

Martha & The Kitty Army

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