100 Things About Me

1. I was an only child. It was hard growing up because both of my parents worked hard to provide for me and I had to rely on myself a lot for entertainment and etc... but that did not make my parents bad ones. No. I was the envy of most of my friends from grade school on into high school. Why? Because my parents had one simple rule for me "If you are going to drink, do drugs, party, have sex... do it safe and don't hide it from us please talk with us about things. If you want to drink you can do it here so you don't drink and drive." My friends thought that was cool. Me, I was thankful to have open-minded parents who let me be who I was... and no I didn't do drugs and rarely partied like most teenagers. Usually I just stayed at home watching movies, tv, and playing games. Mom said I was a great kid... one that she can be proud of.

2. I have social anxiety. I think it comes from being treated the way I was in high school plus my second husband controlled me and kept me away from people.

3. I also suffer from depression, ptsd, and anxiety. Yes I do take a pill for it.

4. When I had double pneumonia in 1993 I almost died. It made a huge scar on my right lung and the tissue is now slightly damaged. Why? Because I didn't get treatment in time. Now I have a weak right lung. Being asthmatic sucks.

5. I have taken the journey down the RELIGION road more than once and found myself to not be into organized religion. The church turned me against it real quick and religion faltered on more than one occasion in my life. It cost me much to try to find faith. I lost a lot and gained NOTHING except a bad reputation, slander, harassment, and heartache. When it all comes down to it, I believe like my Grandaddy (Mom's Dad) taught me, "as long as you are a good person and don't do bad things intentionally, life will have a way of working itself out". I believe in karma. I believe in not hurting people/animals in anyway shape or form. I do my best to help people and not do things that are bad. I NEVER break the law and am always in tune to people and their emotional needs. I love nature. I am very spiritual. I meditate and I chant because it helps me. I am in no way religious but I am very much at peace.

6. I love Great White Sharks. I don't know why since I am scared of swimming in the ocean due to shark attacks. Great Whites are so beautiful but deadly. I love watching documentaries on them.

7. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. I take a pill 3 times a day to help with pain.

8. If you put me where I can hear running water, I am happy. I love the sound of the ocean, the shower, a creek, a waterfall, the rain... get my point?

9. I love to play cards (mostly spades, gin/rummy, blackjack, and canasta). I am VERY good at cards and I sometimes gamble a little bit too.

10. I love to walk through graveyards/cemeteries.

11. I don't hate many people. Hate is a very strong emotion and shouldn't be enforce unless it it an extreme circumstance ... and even then Hate stems from loving someone so much and being LET DOWN by them.

12. I swore an oath when Mom was told she had Cancer that if she lost her hair... I'd NEVER cut mine again because she loved my hair long. She made me shave her head after her first radiation treatment... on her death bed I swore to her I'd NEVER cut my hair again. I am keeping that promise.

13. I love hand sanitizer. I mean, I LOVE HAND SANITIZER. I obsess over it... if I see it's offered... Imma get it. You got one sitting out for public use... Martha's using that bitch.

14. I have mild OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I tend to triple check things to make sure I haven't fucked up in some way. I don't like owning movies if they have sequels unless I own all the sequels. I am strange.

15. I am a hopeless romantic.

16. I used to be a ghost hunter.

17. Goats freak me out.

18. I would love to be a motorcycle chick but my feet could never reach so sadly, I'm not. But I do love bikes.

19. I can't visit pet stores. I cry.

20. I've been a WWE fan since age 6. People always ask me if I would be a wrestler... No I would NOT want to be a WWE wrestler. I could be a valet or manager but I don't think I could wrestle nor do I claim to have any athletic skills at all. I could manage the fuck out of some of those guys... and I would LOVE walking them down to the ring, talking trash, and having a good time but in the ring action, NOPE!

21. I procrastinate. I am good at it. If I want to do something I will. If I have something I am supposed to do and there is something else I want to do, I will put off what I am supposed to do to do what I want to do. I am lazy. Plain and simple.

22. Trust me. I know music. I know movies. If I say something about a lyric and/or a movie and/or someone who sings/acts chances are 99.9% of the time I am right. I am really good at remembering stuff related to movies and music.

23. If I could dress in black all the time, I would. I would go out in all black, black leather boots, and blouses with daggers. Yea... I'm THAT kinda girl.

24. I don't wear a lot of makeup. Nope. I hate it. I usually only do eyeliner and maybe some lipstick if I'm in the mood.

25. I talk to cats like they can understand me. And they do. I don't care what ANYONE says... my cats know what I am saying to them and I understand what they want/need.

26. I can't stand the daylight. I wear shades sometimes at night because bright lights hurt my eyes.

27. Everyday is a struggle for me now that my Mom is gone. I didn't know how hard it would be without her. Finding out ... it's been one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. I'm just no good without her. I miss her every milli-second of every day.

28. I don't drink alcohol anymore.

29. I have a list of words I HATE: cunt, turd, dump, yak, dookie, orifices, moist... I am sure their are more.

30. I love my car but I hate to drive.

31. I like to keep cool. I can't stand to overheat in the slightest. 

32. I love Mochas. Actually I am obsessed with them. I wanna find the PERFECT Mocha (suggestions welcomed). 

33. I like to make lists.

34. I love to shop. I don't like to shop when I have no money aka WINDOW SHOP. 

35. I make up silly songs to everything. Don't ask. LOL. 

36. I love RPG's. I play them more than anything else. 

37. I am clumsy. 

38. I am a Scorpio.

39. I was born in the Year of the Snake. 

40. My Grandaddy (Mom's Dad) treated me like an adult when I was a kid. He would read Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and various poetry to me. He also openly discussed the Bible and why he felt it was more MAN made than GOD made. He told me to always think for myself and be myself.

41. I studied Music Instrumental, Music Vocal, Computer Science, and Music Education in college.

42. I have had surgeries. 1 DNC when I miscarried (1996), Nose Polyp Removal (2001), Nose Polyp Removal (2010), Gall Bladder Removal (2011), Heart Attack and a Stent Placement (2012). 

43. I still cry when I think of pets I've lost. I miss them all.

44. I like to take pictures but hate to be IN pictures.

45. I've been on the internet since 1996. 

46. My old (now retired) usernames/screen names/aliases were Darkheart & Tigerlady.

47. I was called "little Martha" when I was around my Aunt (Mom's Older Sister) because she's is the older Martha. I hate being called that.

48. I ALWAYS want a new tattoo. 

49. I really get annoyed when someone says I CAN'T do something. I usually will go out of my way to prove them wrong. 

50. I would rather play on a console than PC. 

51. I make sure to kiss my kitties and puppy everyday to let them know I love them. Life is too short and I appreciate that they spend their short lives with ME. 

52. I am empathic. 

53. I am VERY VERY good at Trivia. 

54. I say FUCK a lot ... but I do mind my manners in public.

55. Horror Movies do not scare me anymore. I think I became de-sensitized to it by watching SO many.

56. I love to sing.

57. I bake everything because of my heart. 

58. I love blankets. 

59. I firmly believe because my father was subjected to Agent Orange in Vietnam, some of MY health problems are related by genetics. 

60. I never claim to be SMART ... I play word games and try very hard but I am not THAT great.

61. I love to customize characters in RPG's or a character creator. I do it SO much sometimes I just do it then delete the damn character later. 

62. I was a Magic the Gathering player but it is just TOO expensive and I don't know a lot of people who play so I had to give it up.

63. I started RPG's when I was very young by playing Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, and Vampire Dark Ages. I did play Pathfinder for a short time. However, I am officially RETIRED from those games. 

64. Speaking of retired, I retired from Professional Trumpet Playing in 2010. 

65. I wish I had followed my dream and became an actress.

66. Yes, I have a fascination with skulls. I collect them. (my skull collection) . I also have a few in various tattoos (my tattoos).

67. No one knows how sick I used to get as a child... we kept most of it secret only allowing small bits to be public knowledge. My asthma would get so bad I would sit over the vent in the floor to get air to breathe. I seldom slept.

68. I control my asthma VERY well now with a nebulizer I take 3 times a day as needed, advair inhaler, ventolin rescue inhaler, singular, and zyrtec (for allergies that play with my asthma). I also make sure to get my flu and pneumonia shots REGULARLY.

69. I have hyperthyroidism and take a pill for it.

70. Since my heart attack in 2012, I have been on various heart meds. Finally I am at a place where I have a good system of pills that work (I take 7 pills throughout the day to help my heart) and I always have Nitro pills on hand in case of an emergency.

71. I am near-sighted. I wear glasses. I can't wear contacts and don't want to.

72. I had a shih-tzu named Gizmo. He was my best friend from 1990 to 2003. He would sleep in my bed or near it, walk with me and ride in the car with me, and most importantly follow my every step because he was my shadow. Sadly, December of 2003, Gizmo passed away. I love him and miss him always.

73. I taught myself most of what I know musically and computer wise.

74. I taught myself how to swim.

75. I have a obsession with Dracula since I first saw Bela Lugosi as Dracula at age 3 when me and my great grandmother watched it together for the first time.

76. I can remember my dreams down to the last detail.

77. I have a great memory about things that happened in the past. 

78. I have had the following cars: A Blue Buick Skyhawk, a Red Nissan Sentra E, a Blue Toyota Corolla, a Black Pontiac Firebird Formula with T-Tops, a Red Pontiac Grand Prix, a Silver Pontiac Grand Prix, a white mountaineer, a grey dodge ram 1500, and a red nissan versa hatchback

79. I have a big heart and I let what people say and do get to me way more than I should. 

80. I am scared I am going to die in my sleep because of my asthma. I have nightmares about not waking up or suffocating. It scares me to think I could stop breathing forev

81. I used to make dreamcatchers. 

82. I am a BINGO addict. 

83. Halloween is my Christmas.

84. My home was taken from me.

85. I love pictures of scenery such as sunsets, beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls. I collect them if I can find them.

86. I love bellydancing and hula. 

87. I have studied various forms of Martial Arts including Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai-Chi. I also love sword play. 

88. I am a dead shot with a 9mm. 

89. If I won a million dollars, I'd buy a house with a pool something small and manageable (I wouldn't go all out like lots of people do) but I'd make sure it'd have a kitty house that cats could find refuge in. I'd probably have a small boat too.

90. I hold grudges.

91. I hate to talk on the phone.

92. Yes, I DO crush on fictional characters.

93. I sleep a lot... too much in fact.

94. I don't like to be spontaneous. 

95. I hate politics. 

96. I like to pop things. 

97. I don't like to leave the house unless I absolutely have to. 

98. I love board games but sadly I have no friends to play with... same goes for cards really.

99. I carry little notebooks with me to jot down lyrics and ideas that come into my head. 

100. I try not to miss too much WWE. Between Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and then PPVs I try to keep up best I can. I do have the WWE Network which is the BEST THING EVER!!!!

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