Monday, August 7, 2017


A lot of time people will claim that a relationship left them "BROKEN".

I once said these words too.

Now that I think about it... I mean, really sit back and think about it, broken isn't the right word. Broken means something that can't be repaired. In my case ... I DID overcome my abuse and divorce. I was able to pull myself back from the depths of the abyss and I actually became STRONGER than I was before.

There is no situation you can't come back from. It may take a lot of time or it might take no time at all. Time really isn't the FACTOR here. I am saying that no one stays completely broken for their lives. Yea, the things you encounter in your life can hurt you, scar you, make you who you are... but they don't necessarily BREAK you. They make you take a look at yourself from another angle. You reform yourself from what is left. You pick up what you can, you learn, you move on.

So the way I see it... you can chose to let a relationship or situation BREAK you (break down and just stop functioning) or you can just say it CRACKED you a little... it didn't leave you BROKEN... no. It just temporarily left you a little cracked... but you just glued that bitch right back up and moved on like it never happened... better, stronger version of yourself!

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