Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I made some new friends.

So on Saturday these kids were standing at the end of the road I live on as I went to check my mail box at our kiosk.

They had found a parakeet and asked me if I knew the actual owner which I didn't but I did have an idea that Marie that lives down the road that USED to live next door to me has birds and it might be hers. So the kids asked me to walk them down the road since their parents were busy or at work... and I agreed. Off our first adventure began...

We got to Marie's house and it WAS her bird. JOB WELL DONE. I learned the children with me where named John, Madison, Amara, and Emma. John and Madison are twins and Emma is their Mom's best friend's daughter. Amara has ALWAYS lived in the same neighborhood as me and I have talked to her before but I didn't know her name.

So these children asked me... "CAN YOU BE OUR FRIEND?"

I agreed.

Sunday rolls around and around 1pm a knock comes at my door and there all 4 stood asking if I could come out and just hang out with them. Of course I could... so I did. And here are some pics on facebook of that day.


2 things said I remember clearly that day....
"Miss Martha, you are the nicest person we've ever met" - The kids all agreeing together.
"We will be your family... We adopt you. Martha is like our new step mom or something" - Madison

My heart was melting. I agreed to see them again Monday and sure enough... Monday... knock came at my door for us all to hang out again.

We walked and talked until around 8pm ... some hugs occurred and a few tears... a couple of lessons about life and how you can't stay mad at someone who says something and IMMEDIATELY apologizes cause it JUST CAME OUT. Forgiveness was key.

So... these kids have said that I am their AUNT now... and I don't quite mind it at all.

They are making me feel like I actually have a purpose. I feel special and I feel valued. I know this might be silly... they are kids (the twins turn 11 on the 4th) but I feel a special connection with them. I talk to them on a level where it's respectful and not like an adult who wants to constantly look down as authority. I try to be more like someone who is wise, fun, and someone they can RELATE too. They have told me REPEATEDLY how they love me, they are my family, and they want to do so many things with me.

I just wanted to make this an ENTRY because... it's kinda special to me.


  1. Uplifting tale good Lady Martha... See, not All of the World is as "dismal" as we think... have a pleasant week...


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