Thursday, July 27, 2017

You are not their scapegoat

Sometimes you just have to remove people without warning because I am getting too old to be explaining in details what they already know they are doing wrong. 

I don't know why people constantly have to place the blame on someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. If you do something why not be a fucking adult and own up to it? No. Most days people just try to find a scapegoat to place their blame on instead of doing the right thing and admitting their mistakes to begin with. 

I get tired of being the person with my heart on my sleeve ... the person who has a big heart and is always giving people more chances than they deserve. I always tell the truth and try to do the right thing but people take advantage of that to the point where they nearly destroy me every time. 

That is why I am starting to learn to just remove these people .... without warning from my life. Their toxic behavior infects my mind and very soul. If I allow them to remain, they will believe they can repeat the process for as long as they want to. 

If you don't put your foot down... if you don't take a stand and do what you need to do FOR YOU, these TOXIC people will poison you and you will start to hate yourself. 

They are manipulating you... and that is a form of abuse.

The best thing to do in these situations is to break away from the negative energy and concentrate on what is important. YOU. 

So when people blame you for something they did, something THEY can't take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions then just light a match, walk across the bridge, toss that bitch behind you, walk fast while the fucker burns down behind you. 

Free yourself.

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