Friday, July 14, 2017

Tombstone (Battleground Edition)

So for those of you who REMEMBER Alberto Del Rio and Paige *rolls eyes* more DRAMA has come since their departure from WWE than a soap opera had in one season. The news/rumors now report that Paige and Del Rio are split up but then another one reports that they are still together. Another one reports that Del Rio is abusive to Paige. Paige made a statement that the incident in question (where they got into a public shouting match and she threw a drink on him) was NOT Del Rio's fault. Ok. As a woman who lived through Domestic Abuse twice I can say this is a typical woman trying to hide what her man does to her in FEAR of what retaliation COULD follow OR this is simply what Paige claims it is. NOTHING. Either way... these two are bonkers... I really hope nothing BAD happens in this because between all the drama and rumors it's really a scary situation all the way around. I truly hope Paige seeks help and gets what she needs ... safety, love, support, and peace.

Rumors say that WWE wants CMPUNK back. Ugh. OK. I liked Punk until he left WWE and started SLAMMING it. I mean, REALLY?!?! WWE had Punk as the LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION yet all he did was bitch, bitch, bitch when the title wasn't on him or things weren't going his way. I do admit, Punk is an awesome competitor (in a WWE ring, UFC not so much) and some... SOME of his contributions to WWE are missed but he can leave the attitude at the fucking door.

Ok... despite the crappy name and disaster that was Great Balls of Fire PPV... I am looking forward to Summer Slam. Great Balls of Fire was a train wreck. Not a damn thing was accomplished at that PPV and I just felt... I don't know... like it was phoned in.

BRAUN STROWMAN ... that ambulance match at Great Balls of Fire was intense and he clearly won (Roman was a fucking idiot and dove into the damn ambulance himself)... but what ROMAN REIGNS did afterward, backing that ambulance at full speed into a 18 wheeler compartment, that was truly horrifying. That could have gone bad on SO many levels. I truly hope Braun is ok. I think he has SO much potential to be a great POWER in WWE if the WWE would storyline him in a way that makes the Monster Among Men look like he's truly unstoppable. With that said, if they did that, he could take on Lesnar with no doubt and hesitation. I am tired of seeing Strowman vs Reigns. Let's get Strowman onto bigger and better things.

Speaking of ROMAN REIGNS, Shame on him for doing that to Strowman. Sore fucking loser. And how come he INSTANTLY gets a chance at MAYBE being #1 contender for Brock's title? Seriously? We've been there and done that before (Wrestlemania 31) and you saw the outcome (Thanks Seth *wink*). I really am tired of WWE throwing him into the title mix EVERY CHANCE THEY GET. It's pathetic. There are so many other superstars that WWE could put there but they just want to ram Roman Reigns right down our throats. It's sickening.

Ok. The feud between BIG CASS and ENZO AMORE does nothing for either guy. It kinda squashes them both... just saying.

DEAN AMBROSE... thank you for crushing all our (WWE Universe's) dreams by telling Seth Rollins there would be NO SHIELD REUNION. God damn it Dean.

BO DALLAS looking GOOD. I think he might be being misused as a member of the Miz-ter-auge but he looks a little more POWERFUL than he used to when yelling "BO-LIEVE". I'd like to see Bo do more.

What are you guys doing with FINN BALOR? Honestly. Don't bury him. He might be the one that carries this company into the next stage.

BRAY WYATT squashing SETH ROLLINS did NOTHING for Seth but make him look weak. Seth's a KINGSLAYER. This should be built up a little more with NO PINS on either side till Summer Slam when Seth beats Bray proving he's a GOD SLAYER too.

KURT ANGLE... Whomever you "love" ... please don't let this ruin our love for you. We are glad you are BACK with us. Let's make the MOST of it. MMMkay?

COREY GRAVES... butt the fuck out of everyone's business. Stick to what you are becoming good at... commentating.

I do NOT like the SHINSUKE NAKAMURA vs BARON CORBIN feud. Shinsuke is very excellent in the ring and so VERY experienced. Baron is good but not in the same way. This feud here does nothing for either guy. Baron will look like a chump. Shinsuke will look strong (as always). Baron is Mr. Money in the Bank.... making him look weak NOW makes him cashing in the briefcase on anyone look like a joke.

PUNJABI PRISON MATCH for BATTLEGROUND? One of the WORST matches I've ever seen yet here it comes again. Thanks JINDER MAHAL.

Speaking of JINDER MAHAL... he's now over 50 days WWE Champion. I am not opposed to him being champion. I am all for opportunity in WWE... but damn... Jinder Mahal. Who'da thunk?

AJ STYLES beat KEVIN OWENS at Madison Square Garden for the United States Championship. YAY AJ. That's my boy.

AJ issued an OPEN CHALLENGE for the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP ... and guess who answered. Yep. Motherfucking JOHN CENA. Why does he always come back and think he AUTOMATICALLY can get a fucking title shot? I honestly think that none of the potential guys wanting a shot (Cena, Rusev, or Owens) really deserve one. I mean, sure Kevin deserves his re-match but I would like to see new blood hungry for that title... not the same guys for the past few years fighting over it again. COME ON.

MAURO RANALLO.... even if it's just on NXT .... I'm glad you are STILL here. I love you as a commentator. Keep being you.

THE MAY YOUNG CLASSIC is being taped as we speak. I am SO excited to see all the talented women who could shake the boundaries of the WWE. Let's go ladies... all eyes on us.

I am sad to see AUSTIN ARIES leave. I know he wasn't happy on 205 Live but damn... he was the best part about watching (him and Gallagher). I really wish he was utilized better. He should have won against Neville and carried 205 Live for a while. Instead we still have Neville as champ. Ugh. No wonder 205 LIVE is suffering.

Well, that's all I have to say for this weeks Frankly Friday. We have one week till BATTLEGROUND so let's see what WWE does to shake things up as we turn the corner and head into SUMMER SLAM.

It's going to be hot ... so buckle up.


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