Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Movie Review: Beauty & the Beast 2017

I am a huge fan of the story of Beauty and the Beast. Ever since I was a little girl, the story enthralled me, captivated me, and made me imagine SO much. I've seen a lot of incarnations/variations of Beauty and the Beast. I had one on a read by cassette that I adored (and sadly lost) that was a musical. It was beautifully done and heartbreaking. When I heard Disney was doing the cartoon I was so HAPPY. When I finally SAW that movie, I was so pleased.

Then I heard Disney was doing a live action version of their musical.


I was very scared that this would be a very bad adaption ... however, upon seeing it I must say BRAVO to Disney, the actors & actresses, and musicians because it was a very WELL DONE adaption.

Luke Evans steals the show as Gaston. He almost sounds like the original Disney actor who played him (Richard White). His singing voice was amazing and you couldn't help but smile at his portrayal because it was dead on.

Josh Gad as LaFou (Gaston's right hand) was TREMENDOUS. I was very impressed. He made that part his own and even funnier with the mannerisms he added to the part. BRAVO.

Dan Stevens (even behind the well done CGI) as the Beast was so good. I felt everything I should have felt not just because of the CGI done well with emoting the face, but the way Dan delivered his lines. My heart broke ... and that is what it was supposed to do.

Emma Watson can sing. I was scared she wouldn't be able to hold her own as Belle but she does. However, this version of Belle does a transformation of sorts. At the beginning she is very stuck up and all about herself... by the end she's learned and grown. Emma did a wonderful job as Belle and not once did I even think this was the Emma I watched grow up as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

Ewan McGregor as Lumiere was funny. I enjoyed it. I knew he could sing but I was scared he would try to do more of an impression of the original (Jerry Orbach) but he didn't. He made it his own.

Ian McKellen as Cogsworth was a little lost behind the animation for me ... so I am sad to say his character was the one I  was MOST looking forward to but was kind of a let down for me. It was a good Cogsworth just wish he had more to say/sing/and facial CGI expressions.

Emma Thompson played Mrs. Potts. She's lovely in ANYTHING she does. Her acting and singing were perfect. The only problem I have is with the animation of Mrs. Potts. It was bad. I didn't care for it at all. I know they were trying to make it more LIFE LIKE or something but it just looked sloppy and sometimes hard to distinguish.

They added some new lyrics and moments throughout the movie that in MY opinion did nothing but HELP the story and make it 100 times better. Some questions we have had in the past were answered (EX: What happened to Belle's Mom? Why didn't the village remember or know about the castle? etc...)

This movie was made for those of us who LOVED the cartoon and are now adults but also is made in a way children will also enjoy it. I believe it is one the of best Live Action Adaptions I have ever seen. If Disney keeps going with this amazing kind of work... it can ONLY get better... which means Lion King, Mulan.... they will be way beyond expectations.

Final Rating: A+

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