Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Back Baby

After a much needed hiatus from blogging... I am back.

Miss me?


Anyway... so yea, I am back. What have I been doing? Soul searching. I am now at a better place. I am more at peace with myself and my situation. Everything here is fine. Things are going much better. Been able to catch most of my bills up. All the kitties are super... and Waffles is getting SO big (he's still MY BABY). Been enjoying WWE, the beach, music, games, and my kitties.

Most of all... I have SO many ideas. I might share them here... might not. I can't really tell you WHAT I will be doing... or when. If the mood hits me... it'll happen. 

I must also apologize if you have seen some of the "DRAMA" from other people in my life as of late. Some people say one thing without knowing the WHOLE story... they'll get other people's opinions/side but then just assume I was in the wrong. They NEVER ask me for my side. Then they create this huge cluster fuck of DRAMA... so if you've witnessed it... rest assure, it's over... I'm under and over it... and life is SO much better.

Truly... I am 100% happier now. 

Thank you all for sticking around and being PATIENT with me as I work out the bumps in the road. We all experience life in different ways... how we deal with it is what makes us who we are.

I hope all of you are well... and I wish you nothing but HAPPINESS and SAFETY in your lives.



  1. Good to see you posting again, good Lady Martha !! our best to you and have a pleasant end of the week.

    1. Thank you Dear Dr. I am glad to be back. I missed you. XOXO

    2. Yes, I missed you and I am glad you are back. We all have bumps and potholes along the road that's just part of life. Good to hear you are happy and well.

    3. Thanks Patricia ... I had to take myself some TIME and just sort through everything I was thinking and feeling. Now that I am back all is well. I will be posting more. Thanks for still being here my friend.


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