Friday, July 21, 2017


I used to think that holding a grudge was important. That revenge on someone who had wronged you was the only way in which to get peace for the bad things that went on in your life. For years I held grudges and had stored away the hate/anger for certain people due to what they had done to me in the past.

I am older now. Things have changed. I am wiser and stronger. I don't to carry the crosses of my past any longer. It's time to let go of it all and clear my burdens forever.

To hate someone, you first have to love them. You would think to get revenge on someone would be the thing to do but no... if you forgive them... that means you could care less about them and have released the burden of caring about them in any way shape or form off of your shoulders.

To all those listed below know this....
I forgive you NOT for YOU but for ME.
I deserve peace.
I deserve to let go of all my burdens.
By forgiving YOU, I am freeing myself.
This does NOT mean you are welcomed back into my life.
It means I have let go and MOVED ON...
I suggest you do the same.

To all those reading these...
Please don't ASSUME or GUESS at the offence these people have done.
These people are NOT being named and I will NOT reveal the names...
no matter what you say I will not tell you who they are... if you think you know
please do us ALL a favor and don't cause DRAMA. The point of doing this is to 
let go and be FREE of the stress, burden, and drama of the past. Please don't cause
any more PAIN than has already been endured. Thank you.

  • for 13 years of hell
  • for 9 months of hell
  • for saying I was a burden to my mom & dad while mom was dying right beside me in the hospital bed
  • for the pain you caused my parents and I 
  • for telling everyone I was a devil worshipper
  • for lying to everyone and telling them I did something I didn't do.
  • for stealing from me.
  • for using me. 
  • for raping me.
  • for bullying me.
  • for abandoning me. 
  • for trying to brain wash me.
  • for torturing me.
  • for taking my home from me leaving me homeless.
  • for cheating on me.
  • for not loving me. 
  • for stalking me.
  • for assuming I said or did something without checking with me for the TRUTH

I am over it.


  1. We wish you "peace of mind", good Lady Martha... our best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you my friend. It is MUCH appreciated.


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