Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Well, I have been away for a WHILE.

LOTS has been going on.

First we lost 2 (Jelly & Tootie) and gained a new one (Waffles). The kitty army is really torn right now between grief for our fallen sisters but we are excited to have a new cutie addition.

I had PNEUMONIA from April till a couple of days ago. I fought it ... it was (as always) a HARD battle. Being an asthmatic with a scarred right lung and heart problems doesn't mix well with pneumonia. I was taken out of commission for a while... but thankfully I caught it before it became too bad. I was down for a few weeks but I am making a comeback now.

Enjoying a lot of time with Erin's family lately. Having a good time which is quite unlike me. I am not a social butterfly like I was when I was a child. However, in my older age (yea I turn 40 in October... don't remind me) I do understand and value the more important things like memories and spending time with loved ones especially since my "blood" family and I are no longer .... well.... family. It's nice to fit in (kinda) again. Wanna thank all of them for allowing this awkward, strange, anti-social, abandoned, and sometimes OVER emotional basket case join in on all the family stuff. It's a WELCOMED change from what my family is now.

Morrowind comes out for XBOX ONE June 6th... my copy is PRE-ORDERED and ready to go. I am SO excited. Returning to Morrowind after all these years... it's going to be an awfully big adventure.

So yea... if I don't post as often anymore it's because of one of two reasons, I'm busy doing random things or I am sick. Sadly it was sickness this last time.

Any hoo...

I am off. Lots to do. AS ALWAYS.

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  1. I was so glad to see you back with some new posts, I've been worrying about you! Pneumonia is no laughing matter, especially when you already have breathing and heart issues. I am glad you are finally recovering!

    I am so sad about the loss of your furkids, it is the hardest thing. I am excited to see photos of your new baby though!

    It is awesome that you are feeling welcome with Erin's family and are having the chance to do some social things, it makes life so much less lonely. As I say often, life always trumps blogging, enjoy! We will be here when you have the time and energy to write! XOXO


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