Ten Things of Thankful

  1. My Cats snuggling with me
  2. The laughs I share with Erin
  3. Ashlie and Jonathon for always being there when we need them.
  4. Cindy, Tony, Emily, Jake, Quinton, Jessica... for always including me in their family days. 
  5. Kylee and Bryceton ... the cutest babies who made me remember how FUN life can be. Lucky to have such a beautiful niece and nephew.
  6. Movie Trailers that still have me EXCITED to see movies at my age.
  7. The air conditioner. Thank you Amy.
  8. The fact that my mind can still comprehend how to fix a stove, a light switch, and various other things that my Dad taught me as an electrician and various things I remember Mom cooking so I can also do the same.
  9. Good Food. Always thankful for that.
  10. Music... still inspired... still love it... still doing it... still my life.


  1. Music - the universal language. I'm glad you have people in your life to share with and lean on. Have a good week.

  2. Hi Martha! I was happy to see you linking up with us, and you have a great list of reasons to be thankful! The people in our lives are really the biggest blessing that we have, it sounds like you have people who really care about you and that you enjoy spending time with. I wish everyone could say that! And who doesn't feel better about life when they are snuggled up with their furkids? Mine always seem to know when I need a little extra TLC.

    Little children are wonderful in their natural sense of adventure and playfulness and because they are so innocent and real, and share love so willingly.

    It is great that you had a mother and father that taught you useful things that you remember and can do now. Those are far more precious gifts than anything that comes in a box with paper and bows. And when you do things you learned from them you think of them, and those good memories are yet another reason to smile.

    Air conditioners, how did we ever live without them as children? I would give up a lot of things before that, it makes our West Texas triple-digit heat bearable in the summertime!

    Good food... we are so blessed to be able to say that we have plentiful and delicious food and can pretty much obtain it whenever we want. I can't imagine what it must feel like to know your children are going hungry. I like that you realize your blessings and are thankful for simple things such as this... really, they are the big things!

    I think movie trailers give us a much better idea of whether we will enjoy a movie than the critics reviews, I so often disagree with them after I've gone to see the show.

    I didn't realize you were doing the A to Z Challenge this year. I'll be adding you to my A-Z reading list! It's a fun challenge, and we've made it half way! :-) Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Most of those "simple" pleasures are "lacking" in my Lief, dear Lady Martha... but having so little... we are Very 'Thankful" for any little thing... Hope that you Easter weekend was fun for you and yours... Stacey / "Dr. Theda"....

  4. Brief but beautiful! And oh, can't babies give you a whole new outlook on life?!

  5. Totally get #6! There's a show, eponymously titled, 'Nothing but Trailers'.... yow! I totally watch that whenever I run into it. Unfortunately, it seems to be on once a week and I still only have a small portion of the channels memorized (new cable provider).
    But fun show almost as much fun as 'How Its Made'

  6. It sounds like you learned a lot of very useful things from your parents. I like movie trailers too, but unless I write down the name of the show, I sometimes forget the name of the snow I want to see.:-/ Having people always there when you need them is indeed a blessing.


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