ONE WORD 365 : Things I am Letting Go

My word is RELEASE.

Today I want to post and mention 
a few things that I am releasing ... 
I am letting go 
of things I think I no longer 
need in my life.

Toxic People
I am letting go of people in my life that have caused drama and are not bringing something good to our relationship. I am letting go of people who are dead weight and don't contribute to our friendship as much as I do. I am letting go of people who only care when it benefits them or when they get something out of it. It is time to move past the negative and into the positive.
Sometimes in life people enter our lives and over time begin to suck the life out of us bit by bit. These people cause drama, trouble, and thrive on their own selfish needs. No one needs to keep such people in their life. It is best to just let people who are no longer bringing anything positive into your life go. You have the right to be happy and you don't need someone.... anyone polluting your life with their own hurtful and/or hateful negativity. 

Dwelling on the Past
It is time to leave the past in the past. It is BEYOND time to let go of all the weight of the bad choices, drama, pain, and suffering of my past. It is time to move on and let go of every thing in the past that gave me grief or sadness. I don't have to discard my MEMORIES just let go of the pain the past has caused and free myself from caring the burden of it for one more day. 
You have to leave the past behind you. The past can not help you except to learn from the mistakes you make and MOVE ON. You can't live in the past and forget to be in the present and LIVE for the moment. Life is so short so don't waste it on sitting around brooding about how the past was. That was then... this is now. Live for now.

Trying to be Fashionable
With my situation I don't have the money and never have really) to be TRENDY. What does that matter anyway? Do you judge me by the clothes I wear or my strength of character? I have always had a problem with people telling me to add more color to my wardrobe... nope, I like black and I will wear all black all the time IF I WANT TO. Wear what makes you comfortable and free. You can't keep wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or confined. Free yourself. It's your body it's your life. Wear what makes YOU happy. If you want to wear jeans.... WEAR JEANS. If you want to wear a dress... WEAR A DRESS. It doesn't matter what clothing you put on your body... and if it's expensive/stylish. What matter is the heart and soul of a person. So fuck trying to be "in fashion".

Having a immaculately clean house
I have 11 cats, 1 dog, a disabled man with no legs, and myself in a house. FUCK BEING SPOTLESS. Sorry ... Not Sorry. I don't want to waste ALL of my time cleaning NON-STOP. So if the cats knock over some stuff I will pick it up when I get to it. I might not clean my dishes every night or fold my clothes right out of the dryer. SO WHAT?!?! It's my house... and if I am happy with it then I have to live with it and what someone else says is IRRELEVANT. 

Being embarrassed about being ME
I am who I am. I am perfectly flawed. I am not going to live my life constantly doubting and criticizing myself for OTHERS. I am happy being just me. If you don't like it, then don't interact with me. Simple enough. I will say FUCK when I wanna say FUCK... I will brood when I want to brood. I will laugh and smile when I want to. I don't need you to tell me when to be this or that. I will wear my goth clothes and be as fucking METAL as I want ... if you don't like me, OH WELL. I get tired of being put down and having to walk on EGG SHELLS just because people don't understand who I am. Look I can't help my anxiety, depression, or ptsd... those do not define who I really am. I CAN help how I dress, act, what I like... and that defines me. If you have a problem with me being me... just walk away. I am NO longer embarrassed about letting the Martha flag fly proudly.

Worrying about how I look
I am not here to impress a single mother fucking soul.  I could care less what people think about me anymore. I am an adult and I have things I have to do in this life... some of which I don't WANT to do but HAVE to do. If I go out of my house in a tshirt and sweatpants ... WHO CARES? If I don't wear makeup... WHO CARES? I will try my best not to be a total mess but I am not going to change myself or dress up to impress ANYONE! I am usually scared to wear certain things because of what people will think. From now on.... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I am gonna wear what I want. If I want to wear a bathing suit... I will wear one. If I wear one and I want to put a shirt or shorts on over it... I'm gonna do it for ME not to cover up or please anyone else.

I will apologize when I feel like I am in the wrong. I will no longer give out apologies for people just to make them feel better. False apologies are like LIES... and I really don't like it. It makes me uncomfortable to apologize to someone when I feel like I was not in the wrong. If I did something I will be WOMAN enough to admit my mistakes... but if I feel like I didn't make a mistake... don't expect me to grovel at your feet. Sorry... NOT SORRY. I have to quit apologizing for EVERYTHING... because this is life. Mistakes will be made and I am only human. I am not perfect.

Well... that's all that is on my mind for now. Later.


  1. Great post, if we all gave these things up we would have a better world because people would be less tense.


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