MonsterMartha's ULTIMATE Loot Crate

We all know what LOOT CRATES are right?

Well if you don't... then check out

You pay monthly or yearly to get a crate sent to you full of COOL merchandise. Usually the crates are themed. I've watched the Game Grumps' own Arin and his wife Suzy open several. If you want a good idea of what they have check out their opening of loot crates

So... I began thinking... what would I want in my ULTIMATE LOOT CRATE?

MONSTERMARTHA'S ULTIMATE LOOT CRATE. That sounds awesome. So...  I decided the theme should be ...


I found an AWESOME drawing you could frame by INNERWALLS on amazon. This is a must for those of us who ADORE horror baddies like Jason, Freddy, Pinhead, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Chucky, and Jigsaw.

This shirt in a 3 or 4 x ... because it is awesome ... and out of all the horror baddies above, Jason does have the highest body count. It's offered by HAASE UNLIMITED

This funko of Darth Maul is awesome and I think he should be added to ULTIMATE Bad Guys because even after Obi-Wan "killed" him, Maul re-emerged as half cyborg ... and then hunted Obi-Wan up until A New Hope. 

When it comes to protection... who wouldn't love an GOD as your co-pilot? This Cthulhu decal can be put on your car, laptop... ANYWHERE. Take the power of the ULTIMATE baddie Cthulhu with you where ever you go.

Speaking of bad guys... Tom Hiddleston played the greatest one in the Marvel Universe.... Loki, the Norse God of Mischief. Who wouldn't want a tiny Funko Loki Keychain? It's so evil it's adorable. 

And another "cute" mini of a baddie... the ULTIMATE Monster... GODZILLA in the NECA scaler form. Isn't he just the cutest little mini terror of Toyko you've ever seen?!?!?

If he can't burst out of your chest at least the Alien Xenomorph could fit around your neck. Check out the AWESOME necklace from Main Street 24/7.

The KING of Bad guys... you can't have a bad guys list without the one... the only .... DARTH VADER. And since he is the KING why not take him everywhere in an awesome CUP by Vandor?!

To close my list out .... 2 items remain....

A deck of JOKER playing cards by Aquarius. WHY? because when you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em, it helps to have the Clown Prince of Crime on your side.

And finally .... The best is saved for last....

a pack of 6 Disney Villain Socks. Feel the power of ultimate baddies Ursula, Cruella De Ville, Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen, Evil Queen in Hag form, and Maleficent. The most deliciously BAD thing on the entire list.

Well there you have it.

A Loot Crate that says.... It's sooo good to be soooo bad. 

Martha's Ultimate Bad Guys Loot Crate Box.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if it was REAL?

Check out Loot Crate though, for real,
They are the best at what they do and have GREAT boxes.

Please consider using them, you can get monthly boxes for yourself or a friend just go to...


  1. What a collection of bad guy fun stuff! I want that mini-Godzilla, he's adorable! :-)

  2. I used to get Lootcrate for the gaming stuff, But had a really bad experience pry to there subscription changes. I had canceled but they keep withdrawing funds from my credit card I ended up having to get the bank involved who got all my money returned and no I havent looted back.


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