I won't waste a lot of time here so let's just get to it.

NXT Orlando was the WORST Takeover NXT has EVER done. No Titles changed hands... nothing was accomplished... the only good thing was the Debut of Aleister Black.

Kassius OhNo, Tye Dillinger, and Roderick Strong vs Sanity 
Was supposed to be NO WAY JOSE but Sanity got to him backstage and OhNo filled in. It was an okay match... but Sanity is really got numbers and unfortunately they won. But good news... Tye Dillinger debuted on Smackdown which was FREAKING AWESOME!
Rating: 3/5

Aleister Black (debut) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas
I am an AUTOMATIC fan of Aleister Black. His entrance was KILLER and his in ring style was impressive. I look forward to seeing MORE of this man... I hope, much... much more.
Rating: 4/5

NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match
The Authors of Pain (c) vs. #DIY vs. The Revival
What is the point in having a 3 way Elimination match when NOTHING happens that we haven't seen 10000000 times before involving these 3 teams. I am very disappointed. Authors of Pain are one of the most BLAND tag teams in WWE History.
Rating: 2/5

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon
I like Asuka ... and I like Ember Moon...  but Asuka has been undefeated since her debut and NXT women's champion for a LONG LONG TIME. It was time for it to end but nope... it didn't and I was VERY disappointed.
Rating: 3/5

NXT Championship Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
I expected Roode to retain the title cause I knew Shinsuke was going to debut this Tuesday on Smackdown. I didn't know for SURE he'd debut but I had a feeling.... and I was right. Congrats Shinsuke... I was happy for you. I like Bobby Roode. Lot of people do not. But I am waiting to see what is next... hopefully something more challenging for him.
Rating: 4/5

not too bad but not too good. hopefully the next takeover will be better.

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