Martha's Predictions WWE Payback 2017

“Miz TV” with special guest Finn Bálor 
(Payback Kickoff)

I am interested to hear what Finn will say... just wish it was 
someone with actual interview skills conducting the interview.

Enzo & Big Cass 
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson 
(Kickoff Match)
Anderson and Gallows are boring... they need something more.
Enzo and Cass are LOVED by WWE Universe.
If WWE has brains they will push Zo and Cass toward the titles.
Martha's Prediction: Enzo and Cass

Raw Women’s Champion Bayley 
Alexa Bliss
With the superstar shakeup this past month... Alexa came 
to us from Smackdown... now she's #1 contender..
Honestly, I like Alexa. She's got my respect. I hope she can
pull it off.
Martha's Prediction: Alexa Bliss

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville 
Austin Aries
Okay WWE... enough with Neville holding the belt.
It's time for someone else to be Cruiserweight Champion.
I think Austin Aries is very talented and charismatic.
He failed at Wrestlemania... can he pull it off this time?
Martha's Prediction: Austin Aries

United States Champion Kevin Owens 
Chris Jericho
There are rumors that Jericho is going to tour soon so he'll be off TV.
I hope not. This run he's doing with the List of Jericho is some of his
best work to date. I don't think the US Title should be on Smackdown...
but whomever wins this match WILL be on Smackdown.
We already lost Owens to Smackdown during the superstar shakeup...
if Jericho wins too... Raw would be down 2 of it's best.
Still.... to see Jericho stand tall over Owens would be so awesome.
Martha's Prediction: Chris Jericho

Raw Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz 
Sheamus & Cesaro
The Hardy Boys are just ON FIRE! 
I love it. It's so good to see them back in a WWE ring.
I have to give it to Sheamus and Cesaro... they are a GREAT 
team and I enjoy them being a team... however, the Hardys...
I just can't see them losing anytime soon.
Martha's Prediction: The Hardy Boys

WWE Champion Randy Orton 
vs. Bray Wyatt 
House of Horrors Match
This is NOT for the championship... and that was already set before
Jinder Mahal stole Randy's title this week. I have no idea what a 
house of horrors match is. I am interested though. Very interested.
I can say this... if it doesn't WOW me with some off the wall 
shit... then this could kill the mystique that is Bray Wyatt.
Martha's Prediction: Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins 
Samoa Joe
Seth slayed the King... now let's see if he can conquer the destroyer.
Samoa Joe is a machine in that ring. He honestly is one of the 
most powerful wrestlers I have ever seen. Seth is good... real good.
But I think he is going to have to dig deep to pull off a win here.
Martha's Prediction: Seth Rollins

Roman Reigns 
Braun Strowman
Well it's no secret I am no fan of Roman Reigns. I don't HATE him 
I just don't care for him at all. Braun Strowman is on fire and as
long as he is gaining momentum, WWE would be idiots to not 
put the monster among men on top over Reigns.
Martha's Prediction: Braun Strowman

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