AtoZ Challenge: Youth


Y = Youth

My youth was very good... I was a good kid. I didn't get into trouble... and most of the time I spent alone doing my own thing.

Being an only child is hard but if you have a good imagination you can do anything, which thankfully, I did have,

I loved swimming and that took up most of my time in the summer. You could usually find me in a pool or a creek.

When not swimming I was riding my bike... or probably listening to music of some sort.

I loved to rescue turtles from the middle of the road and put them back in the pond.

I would climb in the dog house with my Mama Ruby's German Shepherd Missy when it was raining to listen to the rain.

I would pick Blackberries and eat them.

Used to walk around barefoot all the time except when I was in public then I had shoes but at home... either barefoot or flipflops.

I would put on shows in the front yard dancing, twirling a baton or streamers.

I would roll down the hill behind my house.

Helping MOM plant a garden EVERY year... sometimes more than ONE garden... and sometimes several vegetable gardens and then flower gardens.

Being young was fun. Wish I had done more and savored it more... but I have great memories.


  1. This sounds like a really great childhood! Life was so simple and carefree back then, growing up is not all it's cracked up to be. Y is also for YOU, and YOU've done it... nearly finished with an excellent A-Z bio series in which I've learned so much more about you. I hope you'll print it out and save it to look back on some day and see what things have changed and what has remained the same. You will discover that the 40's can be the best years of your life! :-)

    Y is for Yvonne

    1. I had a good childhood until my granny and grandaddy died within a year of each other... then it all kinda went on a crazy roller coaster ride from there. I wouldn't change it though. I am scared about turning 40. I remember my Dad turning 40 and Mom too... we joked and all but now that I am older and I look at life, it's kinda scary to be getting old. I sometimes just get sad about it.


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