AtoZ Challenge: X = X (as in EX)


X = X (as in EX)

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my EX's that much. 

My first husband... abusive cheater that only last 9 months.
My second husband .... mentally emotionally abusive and controlling that lasted 13 years.

Since I divorced them... I really don't spend much of my time thinking about them. 

But I am going to give you the T ....

Out of all the BOYFRIENDS I have had I only ever loved 2. I won't name names because I want NO DRAMA but the two I loved one was in high school and one was in college. 

I never loved my first husband at all. In fact the day we were going to get married I tried to leave through an escape exit but realized I was in heels on the second floor and while I was debating if it was worth it his Mom walked in and I couldn't run.

My second husband I loved for the first 2 years of our marriage but then I realized that what he was doing to me was WRONG. I stayed for another 11 years because of manipulation, control, and abuse. 

The reason an EX is an EX is because they didn't meet EXpectations so they had to EXit your life so you could move on. 

I hold no ill will to any EX... in fact I wish them all the best. 


  1. I am glad they are ex's, in the past, and I'm glad you wish them no ill, that shows maturity. My ex stories x3 are not very different from yours, but I have to take responsibility for making those poor choices, and for staying in those relationships so long. While we are there it's hard to see other options. Once you are free you can see how unhealthy it was. I wish you true love in the future, you deserve it!

    1. Thank you so much Josie. I appreciate those kind words. You are right. The choices we make to stay are our own. When you are in that situation you are SCARED to leave it due to pressure from your husband/boyfriend and the thought of being alone. Once you overcome the fear of being alone and muster up the courage to set out on your own, you can look back with a new perspective and see that your relationship was not the right kind of relationship for you. It just takes a leap of faith in yourself to be able to overcome life's obstacles and courage to stand on your own. There are better things out there ... and there are better people. And you first have to love YOU before you can love anyone else.



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