AtoZ Challenge: V = Vacations


V = Vacations

Mom and Dad would always take me on Vacation from Selma, Alabama to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I love Gulf Shores. It is a beautiful beach where everything is just laid back... relaxing. It doesn't have a lot of "young" things to do for "young" people but there are lots of things to eat, shop, and explore. I enjoyed our family vacations there every year.

I went to Panama City Beach, Florida for Labor Day in 1996 and I loved that too. PCB is just a little too... immature for me though .... lots of teens and young adults hang out there for Spring Break and Labor Day so it's best to go there at different times. I did have a good time when there especially at Gulf World and Shipwreck Island.

My ex took me to Ohio. I wasn't impressed. No offence Ohioians... it's just not the kind of place for me. I enjoyed the Canton Car Museum... the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was a waste of time. I loved the Akron and Cleveland Zoos and the Submarine next to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame made me scared cause I am scared of enclosed spaces. 

I don't get to vacation anymore because of money issues.... but I live in Mobile, Alabama which isn't that far from water in any direction. We have an island called Dauphin Island here that is so beautiful and the beaches are just awe inspiring. There is a lot to do within an hour driving distance you can be in Gulf Shores but Mobile does have a lot to shop, eat, and explore. 

I adore it here.


  1. It is good to live in a place you like! I would love being close to water and sandy beach to sink my toes in. Here we are hundreds of miles away, so I only get there once a year or less. Vacations can be fun when you can make them happen, something to look forward to, but there have been many years of my life when that wasn't possible. There are so many beautiful places in this country I still want to see!

    I was amazed to read that you have all your A-Z posts written and scheduled in advance... you did a lot of work on the writing too! I had planned to do that, but as usual, I procrastinated, so now I'm scrambling to keep up. Maybe next year I'll have my act together! :-)

    1. I haven't gone on a true VACATION since Mom and Dad last took me. I don't count the trips with my EX to Ohio because I really wasn't interested in going he took me to see his brother. I had a hard time of it because I was bleeding (period) for 6 months and I was so weak but he INSISTED I go.

      I like to schedule things so I don't have to try to scramble and do them. I plan and list everything. I am so OCD about it all. LOL.


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