AtoZ Challenge: T = Teaching Music


T = Teaching Music

Some of the most fun I ever had in my life was when I was allowed to teach music in some form or fashion.

The first time I taught music was when Mr. Kilmury allowed me to take over the Beginning Band Class for about 45 minutes one day (I was around 14 at the time) and I had them playing really well... when he walked back in his mouth dropped to the floor... they were playing PERFECTLY and it was a song he never even worked on with them. He told me then I should consider teaching music...

I planned to do that ... but got side tracked due to scholarships falling through (See the letter K for more on that). But once I was on track ... being a music teacher was all I ever wanted to do. Mr. Kilmury had let me run band camps teaching new kids how to march, beginning band, and even take over the marching band ... but when I got to college .... it was different. 

The first time I taught a class in college was when my Music Appreciation teacher asked me to take over her class for a few days and I did. I taught Music Appreciation and they learned a lot. Lots of the students found me after class to thank me for making it so interesting. 

Many times my professor wouldn't find her way to class so I'd have to take over Music Theory.... and I enjoyed EVERY minute of being a teacher.
I began giving private lessons in 1997... and I was making a fair amount of money. It wasn't about the money... it was about teaching. 

Sadly because of schools cutting funding or putting all towards athletics.... most music programs are getting cut from schools. 


  1. Do you still offer private lessons? It's a great way to add income? What about teaching music at summer community program for children? You have such a gift to give, and nothing makes us feel better about life than enhancing other lives!

    1. I haven't taught private lessons in this area yet. I want to. But a lack of interest is the key. I was thinking about doing a summer music class for kids. I think it would be awesome. Thanks Josie... I think you just gave me a good idea.


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