AtoZ Challenge: S = Singing


S = Singing

Mom said I came out of the womb singing instead of crying. She said the nurses said it sounded like I was trying to sing something instead of cry. I've always found that amusing.

Music has always been a huge part of my life since I can remember. Mom and Dad were not musical... they enjoyed music but couldn't play or sing anything. They were astonished when I could. I was 3 when my Grandaddy (Mom's Dad) sat me down at the piano and I played. They said I didn't BANG the keys like a typical child my age would... I played them one by one and giggled. 

I remember Mom bought me a toy trumpet and tambourine and I would play with those for hours. What I truly loved was listening to my Mom and Dad's records and singing along. I sang EVERYTHING..... BeeGees, Beatles, Bowie, Hendrix, Stones, Zepplin... Michael Jackson...
Mom and Dad didn't understand how I got so gifted with music ... but I did. 

Sure I played instruments throughout my life but my first and ONLY true love has been singing. I love to sing. Something about it is just... life altering. 

The first song I ever sung live was We Are the World. I loved to sing for people. 

My high school had no vocal choir or anything so it surprised everyone when I won 3rd place out of 500 others the ACE (Academic Challenge for Excellence) Vocalist competition in 1993. Mr. Kilmury wasn't too pleased with me... he didn't want me to go for anything but trumpet but I wanted to sing. I signed up the day before and there was nothing he could do about it. I practiced my song for 1 hour... WIND BENEATH MY WINGS... and I won 3rd place. The entire ACE team (math, science, history... etc...) were cheering for me and everyone was shocked but I did it. 

I won again in 1996 when I again sung WIND BENEATH MY WINGS but this time not only did I win a medal but I won a FULL VOCAL SCHOLARSHIP. 

I became a member of the Wallace Community College Show Choir from 1996 - 1999 and I ADORED singing and dancing. It was SO much fun. 

I have had lots of singing awards throughout my life.... Sadly my ex made me give up my music... and he hated for me to sing. 

But since divorcing him, I sing ALL THE TIME... and I do it mostly for ME.

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  1. It sounds like you were blessed with a true gift for music, both playing and singing. It's funny how insecure people are threatened by someone who can do something awesome, and they do their best to stifle it. But now you are free as a bird, and you can sing and play to your heart's content. I hope you share it with others occasionally!


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