AtoZ Challenge: R = RUBY


R = (Mama) Ruby

Mama Ruby was my Mom's Mom and my Grandma. She didn't want to be called Grandma because that would make her feel OLD... so she told me to call her MAMA RUBY. Also Mom was named after her so Mama Ruby is my Grandma and Mom went by the name Carolyn until Mama Ruby passed away in 1996. 

Mama Ruby and I had a tough time of it from the time I was 8 up till her death. She gave me a hard time but it isn't her fault. We moved in with her when I was 8 after my Grandaddy died and right away she dealt me fits. She would rip my posters off the wall, pick up the phone while I was talking on it, and just boss me around all the time.

Despite Mama Ruby's mean streak... the old lady was loved by me deeply. I knew she wasn't well so a lot of this I tried not to take to heart but sometimes, being a kid and words hurting like they do, I did. There were GREAT moments between us like when she'd tell me stories of her past or when we would go shopping (before she became unable to leave the house). 

She loved her Whiskey Sours and Chicken A'La King ... oh and Fish Sandwiches from McDonalds. She bitched about me having my shih-tzu (who always stayed short hair) in the house but came to love him like he was hers. She would watch me for hours when I was outside dancing... even though she didn't know I could see her, I did. 

They told us she had 6 months to live because only one artery from her heart was working properly... but she lived 6 years. She waited until I graduated high school and passed away the following month.

A huge whole was left where she once was... and I will never forget how she made me a stronger person.

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  1. I think that people from that generation were a lot harder on children, they really didn't understand much about child psychology and how words hurt. I am glad that you could also see how much she loved you, and that you carry good memories from her and an inner strength. I think she wanted to see you graduate before she left this world, and I can assure you she is still keeping watch over you. <3

    Josie Two Shoes: R is for Raine


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