AtoZ Challenge: O = Opportunity


O = Opportunity 

Sometimes in life... you have to make your own opportunity.

I had done everything I could from 1990 to 1996 for Mr. Kilmury in the Sound of Dallas Marching Band. I had handled lots of things as his assistant and his first chair first trumpeter. I even took time out of my summer to teach new entries into the band how to march. So when Mr. Kilmury didn't send in some paperwork causing me to lose my University of Alabama Scholarship... I was more than mad, I was let down. I forgave him later on... and you'll see why in a few minutes.

I sat around thinking what I could do. Then Auburn University knocked on my door and wanted me to be in THEIR band... they even let Mom, Dad, and I come to a game to watch the band. I was all for going to Auburn... then I decided I didn't want to leave home just yet. So I was back to the drawing board again.

With graduation from high school right around the corner, people from ALL SIDES were pressuring me to find my path. I just tuned them all out. I went to Wallace Community College in Selma for Honor Band (various good musicians from various schools ... only the best of the best is sent to play in honor band) that year and I had lunch with Dr. Johnson who ran the music program at WCCS. When we returned from lunch she had me play my trumpet for her. When I played she smiled big... but then she didn't say anything else.

Honor Band has a huge concert at the end of a few days of practice. I invited Mr. Kilmury cause I ran into him at Wal-Mart and he said he'd be there. Sure enough, that night he was in front row. The concert reached its halfway point when Dr. Johnson called me up and announced to all that I had earned a FULL SCHOLARSHIP in instrumental to WCCS and she praised me for being one of "the best and brightest" she'd ever seen. I looked out at Mr. Kilmury who seemed a little SHOCKED.

After the concert, Mr. Kilmury approached me and told me how proud he was of me. I was glad. But after he walked away, Mom looked at me and said "You should be proud Martha, you did all this without any one else's help just by being you."

I created my own opportunity.

And that is what you have to do in life. Be yourself. Dream Big. Go for it. Do what you can and don't stop till you get what you dreamed of. Let nothing stop you from it and always be open for anything because you never know what lies just around the bend... always opportunities.


  1. What an awesome story, you must be a wonderfully talented musician! I love your concluding thoughts, and I agree with you entirely. We must create our own opportunities and our own realities from our dreams and desires. No one can do that for us. We must also be willing to accept that not everything will work out like we plan, and sometimes that's because something even more right for us is just around the corner unseen yet. You not only made the best of a difficult situation, you excelled at it!

  2. We do have many regrets over "missed opportunities"...


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