AtoZ Challenge: J = Jimmy Prince


J = JIMMY PRINCE (My Grandaddy)

A lot of people will say bad things about my Grandaddy, Jimmy Prince. He drank a lot ... true... and he did a lot of BAD THINGS in his life... but when I knew my Grandaddy he was a good man and time does change some people.... I want to share with you all the FOND memories I have of my Grandaddy.

Grandaddy taught me everything I know today. He talked to me like an adult not a child. He explained things and answered so many questions TRUTHFULLY. He would sit me down and tell me jokes and/or stories all the time. His favorite to read to me were Edgar Allan Poe and Shakespere.

My Grandaddy might not have looked like much but he was a SMART MAN. He graduated college at 14 years old. He opened up his own ELECTRICAL BUSINESS... trained both my Uncle Murray and my Dad in being electricians... and later would open up his on grocery store. 

My Grandaddy had a huge heart... he let people open tickets at the store and they could pay him a little along when they had it (when he died no one would pay us back sadly). He would always let me have candy, pepsi's, and anything else I wanted in that store. He loved it when I took up eating Pickled Eggs after he offered it to me one day in the store. The store also had it's own BBQ Pit where truckers would come out of their way just to get one of my Grandaddy and Mama Ruby's AWESOME BBQ Sandwiches and there I would be as a baby in the playpen as customers walked in and everyone had to pick me up and love on me.

My Grandaddy bought me so many things over the years ... but he always taught me money wasn't everything. He bought me my first SMURF DRUM SET and PIANO and always made time to listen to me. I would make him laugh and smile. 

He took time out of his day to build me a playhouse in the backyard because he said "Every little girl needs a playhouse... especially my Martha."

I loved my Grandaddy and no matter what anyone EVER says about the bad things he did in his life prior to my birth... I will remember the man I knew and loved. I only hope I've made him proud in some way..

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  1. What sweet memories. You have good reason to love him, what anyone else has said about him doesn't matter. You knew his heart and he clearly loved you. I am smiling about the playhouse, taking his time to do it just for you. I know he must be very proud of how strong you are and how you keep going with your life against all odds. When you do it for yourself you also do it for him and the few others in your life that cared for and encouraged you. They give you their strength and in return you pass it on. I respect people who don't judge others by what they've been told, but rather by what they experience for themselves!


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