AtoZ Challenge: H = Heart Attack



A lot of people know the story of my Heart Attack in 2012 it's on a few of the links to your right. You can visit those as you like to know what happened that day... what I want to talk about is something I haven't really said yet.

I was scared.

I didn't know what was happening to me, I thought I was just sick. When the nurse told me I had a massive heart attack after I woke up from surgery... I didn't quite comprehend how a 34 year old could have such a massive heart attack at such a young age.

I also was scared because I knew my NOW ex-husband would abandon me. I knew he would. He did exactly what I knew he would do. I actually wasn't surprised that much that he did it. The only reason I was upset was because I was let down. I knew what kind of man he was... how selfish he was... and I knew now I had to depend on Mom and Dad for a little while.

I didn't think that I'd lose Mom in June and Dad in December of 2013... that fast. So fast, I wonder if I even truly processed the grief until some months after. My family abandoned me .... I lost my home... and I was on my own for the first time in my life.


I had no one to talk to. No one to rely on. I was alone... and no one cared.

From the moment it happened to this moment RIGHT NOW... I have lived in constant fear of my heart attack... I guess it's because the Doctors say "Oh your heart is at 40%" then they will say "You are doing okay" then they will say "But we need to do this and this test" and after those stress tests, ekg's, and echocardiograms are done they want to do a heart cath even though they say I am fine.

Yea I am scared all the time my heart will return to the way it did when I had my heart attack.

I am scared ALL THE TIME that I will die from this or my asthma.

I try to do better. I do what the doctors say I should (avoid salt, walk, don't lift heavy things, no fried foods, medication) but I don't know how I am truly doing especially when the doctors constantly order tests... and then say I'm okay but they'd still like a heart cath done. Are they just doing this because I am on Medicaid and they can milk it? or are they being cautious?

I don't know... but I can tell you that since the day it happened... my heart attack has become the #1 thing always on my mind.


  1. My dad had a big one young as well I live in fear of that as well. I have not had one yet but no matter what I do health wise it is still there nothing I can do to shake it! Stand strong you are doing a great job! PS I love the new look of your page.

    1. Thanks so much... I appreciate your kind words. Sorry about your dad. Mine never had any heart problems it was always something ELSE but heart problems run on BOTH sides of my family... it was pretty much a given that I'd inherit something. Sadly.

  2. I understand why that would always be on your mind, that is quite a trauma to go through.

  3. Yes it was. Thankfully I survived something that people 100 times healthier than me die from. Scary!

  4. That was a horribly scary experience to have to go through on your own. I am not surprised that is hangs over your head. My husband had a heart attach nine years ago and like you, we always worry about another one. But what I have learned is that you can't live your life in fear, it steals your joy. You do the best you can with following what doctors tell you to do, taking your medications, exercise, and eating right, and then you put it in God's hands. Live each day one day at a time, and don't worry about tomorrow. Worry isn't going to change it anyway. If and when the time comes that you fear, you will get through it just as you did this time, because you are a survivor, and you are strong. And when we pass from this life, it's not a bad or scary thing, it is freedom from all the struggle and worry and pain. It will be awesome!


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