AtoZ Challenge: G= Granny



My Granny... I wanted to make one of these about her because NO ONE ELSE besides my Mom's Dad (whom I called Grandaddy) was a bigger influence in my life than my great grandmother, my Mom's Mom's Mom (LOL), Erwina Courtney or as I always affectionately called her... GRANNY.

Granny gave me my first money as a newborn... $1.00. Every time she saw me after that she would give me a dollar. What was most important to me wasn't the money... it was the thought she put behind it. She always had one on hand for me... which means she thought of me all the time.

Not only that, in my young years, Granny spent a lot of her time just sitting with me and playing games or telling me nursery rhymes. Everyone was always so busy and couldn't make a lot of time for me but Granny could give me her complete attention and that ALWAYS left an impression on me.

Granny taught me so very much... but she is the one who introduced me to Horror Movies. One day, when my granmother known as Mama Ruby stepped out and left just me and Granny at the house, Granny decided to put Bela Lugosi's 1931 Dracula on for us to watch. She kept asking me if I was scared and I said NO. When it was over I asked to watch it again and Granny smiled so big. Oh if only she knew the MONSTER she created. LOL. I know she is watching me from wherever she is laughing and knowing I am a huge Horror Movie Fanatic like she was. 

I remember the time she was in the car with me and Mama Ruby telling her to slow down. Mama Ruby always had a lead foot (so to speak) and would just ZOOM down the road. Well Mama Ruby ran a stop sign and a cop pulled us over. I remember Granny saying "OH Now look Ruby you done gone and done it...we are going to Jail. Martha's too young to go to jail". Mama Ruby would reply "hush Mama". The cop asked Mama Ruby if she saw the stop sign and she said no I could hear Granny say, "You know damn well you saw it... SHE SAW IT OFFICER..." and I could hear my VERY angry Mama Ruby say under her breath, "SHUT UP MAMA". We didn't get a ticket just a warning but the cop was laughing his way back to his car and Granny didn't let up on Mama Ruby for the REST of the day... even told several people about it while Mama Ruby just shook her head.

My Granny sadly got put into a nursing home and died in 1985. I have never connected with anyone besides her and my Grandaddy (Mom's Dad). Their back to back deaths only within a few years of each other or even a few months shook me to my core as a young child and I knew... I knew my youth was over.

I always look back affectionately on the time I spent with my Granny. I miss her.


  1. It is great to have fond memories of those that we loved so much, dear Lady Martha... often these Memories are All that we have of these people... a pleasant Saturday to you...

    1. Thank you Dear Doctor. Sometimes memories are all we have... and sadly, thanks to my family doing what they've done by abandoning me and leaving me homeless... I had to build my life without many pictures and possessions I once had. It's sad but all I have most days are memories. I cherish those. XOXO

  2. I can relate to this, and to your special memories of such beloved people. I have been reflecting on two such people in my heart. Hugs.

    1. HUGS my friend. It's always comforting to retreat sometimes into these memories of people who TRULY love and appreciated you. Makes it feel less lonely in the world.

  3. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

  4. What a delightful granny to have! She truly cared for you and loved to share her time with you, along with her love of horror movies! I am glad you carry so many good memories of her in your heart. I promise you she is always with you. XOXO


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