AtoZ Challenge: D = DAD



My Daddy... I miss him. I didn't know how much I would miss him until he was gone. I guess you never truly do know how much you will miss someone until you can't talk to them, hug them, or even just be near them. 

I don't want this to be a sad post. I have a MEMORIAL for my father. You can see that under REMEMBERING JOHNNY in the links to the right. What I want this to be is a happy post filled with a few loving memories of the man I called my "NA-NEE".

Mom once told me as a baby Dad tried to give me a kiss and I was sick ... so I threw up in his mouth. Ick. Poor daddy.

Dad and I would always play video games together. Dad and I loved the Atari so we'd play a tank game, pong, space invaders, and donkey kong together. Later on he would play me in Mortal Kombat. 

I remember my Dad dressed to go hunting deer like in the picture I snapped above... and when he got BORED from seeing nothing he'd take his deer caller and stand under either the kitchen window to annoy mom or my window to annoy me.

Dad was always sitting with me every Christmas in the middle of all my toys. 

I remember Dad running behind me as I drove the lawnmower for the first time and I went down a hill. I couldn't find the brakes so I hit the woods and a small tree which I ran over skinning it up with NO DAMAGE to the lawnmower or myself. I still remember my Dad yelling "MARTHA BRAKES, BRAKES MARTHA.... MARTHA!!!!" We laughed about it for YEARS after it happened.

I remember Dad singing silly songs all the time especially when we would be on vacation and he was driving. 

I remember me, Mom, Dad playing cards, dice, darts, and monopoly. Dad would always come in last but he still played with us.

I remember watching movies I couldn't stand like Missing in Action, Rambo, etc... just so I could spend time with my Dad. Eventually I would begin watching NASCAR so I would have something to talk to my Dad about. 

My Dad was a hard working man who went far off in my early years to make money to support me, mom, and him. He would call and talk to us every night. He would send me toys like disney stuffed animals and sea-wees. 

I remember Dad bitching about having to bring the Christmas Tree from the basement to the living room every Thanksgiving. 

I love riding with my Dad because he would blow his horn at everyone passing and just wave. 

My Dad always bought me an ice cream when we would stop and get gas if it was just me and him.

I remember him picking me up as a teenager from the Skating Rink... he was always good to me giving me money to do that even though Mom already gave me some money.

I remember hugging him when we visited the traveling Vietnam Memorial and he found the name of his fallen friend... I have never been more proud or sad than to stand beside my father as he had tears streaming from his eyes talking about Vietnam.

I love you Na-Nee.


  1. You had a special relationship with your dad. You were blessed. Hugs.

    1. Dad and I came to blows a lot... I didn't tell the BAD stuff because I rather forgive and forget that since Dad's passing. I would rather remember all the fun and laughs Dad and I shared throughout the years. My Dad was one of a kind... and I was lucky to have such a man in my life. HUGS!

  2. This was such a sweet tribute to your Dad! I love that you have let the bad times go and have chosen to remember the good times, the happy times and the funny times like the lawnmower incident. It sounds like he loved you a lot, and that's the most important thing of all! I bet he is right there with you when you are watching NASCAR now! XOXO


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