AtoZ Challenge: C = CHANCE



This entry is about a man ... my step grandaddy.... the only grandaddy I knew on my Dad's side.


I adored my Grandaddy Chance  (I called him that). He always had a smile for me and made time to speak to me when I would go see him at his store (Selma Curb Market). He would always give me candy or surprise me with a toy when I would see him. 

Grandaddy Chance saved my life. My MeMaw (Dad's Mom) had me as a baby in the pool at Grandaddy Chance's house. She slipped and I fell out of her arms into the deep end of the pool. MeMaw didn't know how to swim (or so I was told) and Grandaddy Chance saved me pulling my little blue turning baby butt out of the pool before I drowned.

Thank you Grandaddy Chance. I can never repay you for that.

Sadly my Grandaddy Chance was shot dead ... murdered in front of the Selma Curb Market in 1986. 

My Dad loved his step-dad VERY much saying to me one day that Grandaddy Chance was "more of a father to me than my own father ever was". (For the record my Dad's REAL Dad was a Methodist Preacher who skipped out on my MeMaw and 4 kids for another woman).

Grandaddy Chance was a special man who brought light and smiles when he was around. That's how I remember him... and that's what I will ALWAYS remember. 

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  1. It sounds like you were blessed by this wonderful grandfather for the years you got to share your life with him. Now I am sure that he is your guardian angel, still looking out for you and saving your butt when need be. It is so hard to lose someone we love dearly, especially by senseless violence, but I'm glad for the things about life you learned from him. As for the unfaithful preacher, wearing the label, or the preacher's collar, does not necessarily a good man make. We need to judge people by the content of their character and his certainly missed the mark, regardless of what words came from his mouth.


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