AtoZ Challenge: B = BLACK



Why would I chose BLACK to write about? 

Well ... it's simple really. 




Ever since I was around 9 years old, the majority of my clothes have been black with a few exceptions here and there. I am not one for wearing flashy colors. I HATE WHITE CLOTHES. Why? because I am clumsy and messy. If I wear white it will be stained within 5 minutes of me putting it on. I just can't wear white. I have a few white shirts but most have designs on them and NONE are plain.

Black has always looked good on me but the real reason I always have worn BLACK is for security. It makes me feel secure and safe. It's the lack of color really... when you put too much color in something it is WHITE but if you remove all color it is black. Black for me has always represented a level ground and something comforting. 

I got in trouble in high school for wearing all black a lot. They thought I was a devil worshiper... call my parents in, put me into in school suspension and even suspended me from school a few times for wearing all black. I stood my ground. I didn't let ANYONE tell me what I could and couldn't wear back them and to this day I give ZERO FUCKS about what anyone says.

People always say "Martha, add some COLOR to your wardrobe". Uh, no. I don't need bright yellow or pink... I wear red because it was Mom and Mama Ruby's favorite color. I wear Purple because it's cool. I will wear grey because it's neutral but I will NOT ever stop putting more black than any other color in my wardrobe.... so get over it.


  1. other than jeans (some of which are Black) we normally wear black t-shirt... dark greys sometimes... often with skulls or the Joker printed upon it... Have a pleasant Monday good lady Martha... We have teeth extractions shortly... so pain for the day for Stacey... best wishes on the "A to Z" ... (we are doing so also at the "Crypt", but Not signed up...)

    1. Thanks so much Dear Dr for coming by again. Always a delight to see you comment. This years AtoZ has no sign up you just do it and if you want leave a comment on the days you participate to link to your entry.

      I couldn't imagine NOT wearing black... it's just ... a great color... or rather the absence of color.

      Take care Dear Dr.

  2. In some cultures black is viewed as a very positive and powerful color. If you like it and feel most comfortable with that, wear it! We are all different and we don't need to look like everyone else to look good. It is wrong for people to decide there is something wrong with you because you prefer more black. I love purple and once realized that most of my wardrobe was purple without me even thinking about it! I have the same problem as you with white clothes... a sure recipe for disaster. You are doing fine, just keep being you. Wear what feels right now, and be open to changes in your life that may find that desire changing. You don't want to stay stuck in the past, but you want to be comfortable with where you are today, and it sounds like you are doing that! XOXO


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