Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The TV Shows Questions

1. Name a TV show series in which you have seen every episode at least twice: Sons of Anarchy

2. Name a show you can't miss: WWE RAW, WWE SMACKDOWN, WWE NXT, WWE 205

3. Name an actor that would make you more inclined to watch a show: Tom Hiddleston, Theo Rossi

4. Name an actor who would make you less likely to watch a show: Brad Pitt

5. Name a show you can, and do, quote from: Sons of Anarchy, South Park, Family Guy

6. Name a show you like that no one else enjoys: The Tudors

7. Name a TV show which you've been known to sing the theme song: Sons of Anarchy, Golden Girls, Happy Days, Wonder Woman

8. Name a show you would recommend everyone to watch: Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Empire, Gotham

9. Name a TV series you own: Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman

10. Name an actor who launched his/her entertainment career in another medium, but has surprised you with his/her acting chops in television: Ice T

11. What is your favorite episode of your favorite series? Sons of Anarchy episode where Juice had to help the Irish guy who got shot in the ass. I loved that episode.

12. Name a show you keep meaning to watch, but you just haven't gotten around to yet: I watch everything I want to watch so I don't have one.

13. Ever quit watching a show because it was so bad? Yes, Several. Daredevil (2nd Season I quit), Jessica Jones (1st Season)

14. Name a show that's made you cry multiple times: Golden Girls, Sons of Anarchy

15. What do you eat when you watch TV? EVERYTHING. Nothing is off limits.

16. How often do you watch TV? I don't... I use Hulu and WWE Network on my XBOX One. I watch every day though.

17. What's the last TV show you watched? TAKEN

18. What's your favorite/preferred genre of TV? DRAMA

19. What was the first TV show you were obsessed with? KNIGHT RIDER

20. What TV show do you wish you never watched? The Walking Dead (Fuck that Show)

21. What's the weirdest show you enjoyed? RuPaul's Drag Race (Weird as fuck but I love it)

22. What TV show scared you the most? I don't get scared at TV Shows but the coolest one that is horror theme was American Horror Story.

23. What is the funniest TV show you have ever watched? Golden Girls, South Park

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