Saturday 9: Fist City

Unfamiliar with the song? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a wife warning another woman off her man. Who received the last warning, of any type, that you issued? a neighbor. I warned her if she ever wanted to run her mouth and spread lies about me again that we'd have a REAL problem.

2) Loretta sings that when her husband picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can. She's being metaphorical, but we will be literal: If you spot litter on the sidewalk, do you pick it up or just walk on? Depends ... if it's gross looking I will skip otherwise I do sometimes pick it up if I have time.

3) She taught herself to play guitar. If you could learn something new in 2017, what would it be? I think I would learn to crochet but I just don't have the resources or time.

4) She broke her shoulder in a fall and surgery was required to repair it. When were you last in a hospital? Were you a patient or a visitor? November of last year when Erin lost his other leg. I visited him as often as I could.

5) In the 1970s, Loretta Lynn was the first country singer to appear on the cover of Newsweek. Who is your favorite country singer? Garth Brooks

6) Rowan and Martin's Laugh In premiered in 1968, when this song was popular. What's the last TV show you watched? Did you watch it live, did you stream it, or catch it on DVR/Tivo? I don't watch TV. I get Hulu and WWE Network so I watch my shows when I can and they are all streamed.

7) In 1968, Jacqueline Kennedy shocked the world by marrying Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis.What's the last thing you heard that surprised you? Honestly nothing surprises me much anymore but the last REAL shocker for me was Chyna's death.

8) 1968's top-rated car was the Chevy Corvette. Could your car benefit from a trip to the car wash this morning? Yea it would... my poor little Nissan Versa has pollen all over it.
9) Random question: You're staying in a hotel and find you can faintly hear the couple in the next room. Would you ignore their voices, or try to hear them better? I would ignore them. That's what headphones are made for.


  1. If I was your neighbor, I'd be very careful. You sound like you mean business.

    There were so many celebrity deaths in 2016! And yes, Chyna was a shocker. So young.

  2. Crochet is on my list of things to learn "someday." I bought a kit years ago and have all the hooks and stuff...just have to either find someone to teach me or get motivated to watch how-to videos on YouTube. So far I am not motivated.

    Do you like Hulu? We had it for a while before Christmas, but didn't like it because it kept freezing and we'd have to restart what we were watching all the time.

  3. Sounds like you have one heck of a neighbor. Good luck with that one.

  4. Wow--your neighbor story makes me extra thankful I have awesome neighbors!

  5. Yikes, I hope your neighbor leaves you alone. Bad neighbors can really be poisonous.
    I don't watch TV either. Only do "streaming" or rented DVDs.

  6. I would like to learn crochet, too. I have the stuff to do it with, but not necessarily the will.

  7. I'm with you on the headphones!!! Have a great weekend.


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