Real Talk: When Mama's Boy goes TOO far

I wanted to address something I haven't talked about at all.

I dated quite a few men who have "MOMMY" issues.

What I mean when I say "MOMMY" issues is that they have to get their Mama's permission to wipe their own asses. In other words, everything or anything they do the guys will talk with their mom to get permission or before making a decision rendering themselves looking stupid because they can't for ONE moment make an adult decision for themselves. 

I won't mention names here because I do not want to bring drama or un-needed attention to any of the ex-boyfriends who are guilty of this. But I do want to give you a couple of examples of what a woman SHOULD avoid.

I have no problem saying my 1st husband was like this. He would call his mother for every single thing which, when you are married, is annoying as fuck. 

A guy I dated when I moved to Mobile called his mom to tell her he had sex. WHAT THE FUCK?

Another guy REFUSED to spend time with me because his mother said "she's a bad influence".

Another guy called his mom all the time asking her if it was ok if he did this and that.

Seriously, ladies ... I am all for a man loving his mom. I think it's a great and beautiful thing. But there is such a thing as a man needing to pop the titty out of his mouth and be a MAN about things.

Being an adult is about learning and doing things ON YOUR OWN. When you call your mom to get permission to leave your own house, buy something, or tell her you had sex is a COMPLETE TURN OFF and shows you are not man/mature enough to handle an ADULT relationship with commitment and decision making.

Ladies, you deserve better than this. I am glad I recognized the men that are now my exes for what they were and didn't make many terrible mistakes with them. Word of advice though, if he can't pop that titty out of his mouth... you shouldn't even give him the time of day.

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