So I am a member of BzzAgent and they send me free products to try on occasion for my honest opinion/reviews and to help spread the word. I have NOT been paid to say any of this. I received the following FREE SAMPLE... and I am giving my HONEST opinion of this product.

This month I got CLARISPRAY sold OVER THE COUNTER at all major pharmacies and stores (like WalMart) made by the people who make those AWESOME allergy pills Claritin. Mom used to use Claritin all the time because it helped her from her seasonal allergies.

I use a SPRAY called FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE. This is more popularly known as FLONASE which was the first NAME BRAND BY PRESCRIPTION ONLY version of this nasal spray for allergy relief. Now... along comes CLARITIN and they relase CLARISPRAY.

Now let us compare to my USUAL Prescription of FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE that I have to have a WRITTEN prescription for....

As you can see the bottles are THE SAME SIZE. I pay for mine through insurance but before I got my insurance my FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE PRESCRIPTION would run around $45 and a lot of time because of the situation I am in financially I couldn't afford to get my prescription. CLARISPRAY runs less than $25 (prices in places may vary I can't quote prices for everyone but where I live it's MUCH cheaper than NON-INSURANCE PRESCRIPTIONS).

I can tell you how FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE changed my life. It made it SO much easier to function in life. I suffer from ASTHMA and have SEVERE ALLERGIES. I have had NOSE POLYP REMOVAL SURGERY twice in my life. Both times my doctor has told me FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE will lessen the return of Nose Polyps (nose polyps are common in people with allergies and even more so for asthmatics with nose allergies).

NOW With CLARISPRAY you can AFFORD to manage those allergies... and I am glad I get to share this with all of you because I KNOW for a fact Claritin products WORK... my Mom (like I said before) used them for YEARS (since the day Claritin hit the shelf at Wal-Mart) and up until she died in 2013 she SWORE by the product. I used it before getting put on insurance (where they pay for prescription allergy shots/pills almost 100%).

Claritin is a GREAT product and now with the release of CLARISPRAY you get all the power of FLUTICASONE PROPIONATE with the CLARITIN name behind it for MUCH LESS THAN A NON-INSURANCE PRECRIPTION.

TRY IT !!! 

It's SO worth it to have less congestion and sinus RELIEF.

Thanks to BzzAgent!

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