Contrary to what society wants you to believe... YOU DON'T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING!

We are always taught that politeness is the key to life. You get in what you put in... but sometimes don't you get tired of people taking advantage of that politeness. I know I do.

If someone makes you question yourself you have the right to back away from them and not converse or interact with them what-so-ever. That person is manipulating you and/or the situation to their advantage. Backing away is self preservation and defense. You owe them NOTHING.

If in a conversation the person you are talking to keeps trying to get you to admit they are right when it goes against everything you know or think to be true. Do not let anyone change your beliefs or standards. You have the right to FREE THOUGHT and if they can not respect your opinion you do not owe them anything. You don't have to change what you think to suit their beliefs. It's best to not argue or continue the conversation. Simply just change the subject or walk away. You owe them NOTHING.

You don't OWE anyone a fake compliment, smile, fake truth or anything. If it feels wrong for you to say or do it... DON'T DO IT. Don't think because someone does this to you that you owe them the same in return. Don't fake it... be genuine or don't do it because YOU OWE THEM NOTHING.

If you feel your feelings are being forgotten, pushed aside, or manipulated in anyway shape or form, you don't have to do anything for anyone except walk away. Do not lessen the value of your feelings for someone else YOU OWE THEM NOTHING.

If a person is being nosey... all up in your business without your consent, you have the right to NOT give them any information that you feel is none of their damn business. Protect what you need to protect however small or large. If it feels wrong for them to know don't tell them. Don't be afraid to tell them to MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS because in the end.... YOU OWE THEM NOTHING.

If a person keeps wanting things from you be it words or items... it's your right to say no. Regardless of what is said and done, you don't have to give anyone anything you don't want to. Do not let them manipulate your intuitions... YOU OWE THEM NOTHING.

You have to stick up for yourself in this world. People can be cruel and be manipulative. Don't fall for it. It's okay to be NICE ... but there comes a time when nice just doesn't cut it. Please don't be afraid to tell these people that you are STRONG and don't need this kind of behavior in your life.

You are better off without them. All they want is you to bend to their selfish needs. You are worth MORE than that... your feelings, your time, your heart, even your money is worth MORE than what they are doing to you.



  1. We have been "used" many time trying to help others... (and they expect you to continue to do so)...

    1. I know that's the sad thing. They know what they did and they keep coming back for MORE expecting you to be THAT stupid.


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