Martha's Top 5 - Video Games

Because ERIN aka EKCITYXVII wanted and REQUESTED that I do this
on my blog, I am proud to bring you the series.... MARTHA'S TOP 5. And
he also requested that the first one be VIDEO GAMES.

So... here it is...

5. Warlords 3: DarkLords Rising

I love this game. I was so engrossed in being able to build the 
perfect DARK FORCE to beat out all the other Warlords. So much
fun. Sadly... I have this title but My computer won't run it.

4. Burnout 3: Takedown

I love this game. I had played all the original Burnout games
but when this released it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.
Takedown mode made my day. I love Taking Someone Down.
I love seeing how far my crashes would go... Awesome racing game.

3. Space Invaders 

One of the FIRST games I ever played (next to Donkey Kong
on the Atari). I freaking LOVE Space Invaders. Nothing more
classic than this. I'd play for hours... Dad and I would compete
to see who got the better score... it was usually me. lol. 

2. Skyrim

The hours I put into this game... WOW. I've played this one 3 platforms
(XBox 360, PS3, and XBox One). I adore Skyrim. I love all the Elder
Scrolls games but Skyrim... Skyrim had me fighting Dragons and
Dragon Lords... Daedric Princes... Man this game has it all...
I LOVE SKYRIM. It's the ULTIMATE RPG experience.

1. Super Mario 3

I remember when it was launched... I didn't get it for 
a couple of weeks and finally I had it. Before I got it 
I played it at a sleepover at a friends house and impressed
the fuck out of the "cool kids" with my skills. They actually said
"well Martha, we thought you were strange but you are actually
pretty cool". After I got my copy, I played it so much... it's just
so well put together with mini games that are fun, worlds that 
challenge but keep it entertaining, and so much more.
The Mario Series NEVER fails me... and I love it.

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