Martha's Thoughts

The "IT" trailer... FUCKING AMAZING. OH my Goodness. I didn't expect it to be that good. I am in awe and EXCITED about it now. YAY!

The Spiderman trailer... what a shit show. Seriously. Boring Trailer looks like a gob of a mess of a semi movie. YAWN. Tired of Spiderman reboots.

Justice League trailer... I am SO on board for this movie. Aquaman looking COOL, Wonder Woman kicking ass, Flash looking ok, Batman .... god I hope Affleck continues to play Batman cause he is one of the best. I look forward to the Justice League MUCH more than Marvel's Infinity War.

 A huge Thank you goes to Ashlie and Jonathon for coming all the way to my house to install my new window unit AC. Awesome sauce.

Also Thanks to Ashlie and Jonathon for my new phone.

Jonathon will have surgery tomorrow... let us hope it is 100% successful and he will be back up and at 'em in NO TIME.

My headaches are becoming MORE frequent again meaning the meds are either NOT working or I need it UP'ED due to my body adapting.

DESTINY 2... what a fucking joke. Exclusive content ONLY for PS4?!?!? Really?!?!?! What about XBOX players? Fuck you Bungie. Fuck you.

Erin finished Breath of the Wild. What a cool game. But I feel sorry for Link and Zelda having been cheated of their youth and always having to fight all the time against such odds... damn.

So it's rumored Mario Maker might be coming to the Nintendo Switch. OK... so I don't care about Zelda being on it ... but once Mario Odessey comes out then if Mario Maker comes and then Splatoon 2.... MAN I might HAVE to get a Switch. Ugh.

My coffee maker broke and I am having WITHDRAWLS. Damn it.

I tried my first Big Mac. Yea 39 years old and this is the FIRST time I tried a Big Mac. It was decent... but not my FIRST choice for purchase at McDonalds.

I want to thank the Wal-Mart in Saraland Alabama for FINALLY updating the SELF CHECKOUT so it no longer says "UNKNOWN ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA". I am SO freaking THANKFUL.


  1. We too are looking forward to the upcoming "IT" film.... looks well-made... have yourself a pleasant Thursday, dear Lady Martha.

    1. My dear Doctor... again you grace me with your presence. I think it looks even better than the original and I am a HUGE fan of Tim Curry so it takes a LOT to impress me regarding a remake. I think the first movie is the children and then the second movie will be the adults fighting "IT" and remembering. Kinda clever if you think about it. Take care dear Dr.

  2. How can I follow you by email?? Can you add that option to a sidebar, please? (Thanks.)

    1. I added that option for you just now. There are several to chose from. Hope it helps. :)


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