Martha's Thoughts

1. Paige is in more trouble .... seems her nudes and little porno videos have leaked all over the internet. Wonder how WWE will respond to this? When Seth Rollins' dick pics hit a few years back they just pretended it didn't happen and Seth won the WWE Championship shortly after. However, Paige has been on thin ice with WWE for a while. Not to mention these videos feature the EX WWE employee Brad Maddox and what seems to be Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed (I really don't know if that is him but every one thinks it is). I have seen the pics and videos and I can say that I am in no place to JUDGE anyone but DAMN... you gonna film stuff that is PORNO like don't put it on a place like a phone or save it to a cloud for someone to get into later then you regret it. It will be interesting to see what the blow back from this will be.

2. So the kids in my neighborhood are playing outside my house more and more for some reason. I don't want to be the old fuddy duddy that says "HEY YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN" but I don't want them to fuck up my stuff either.

3. I am legit scared of the direction Trump is taking this country. That is all I will say about this.

4. Thank you to my friend AMY again for sending me 4 bags of cat food and some little pom-poms for the cats. I love you so much girl and your generosity is APPRECIATED. I couldn't ask for a better friend in this world.

5. I am losing more weight. Things are not fitting as tight and my pants are lose. I am noticing it more and more.

6. Word Chums makes me feel so DAMN smart. I actually forked out the $3.99 for the ad free version. First APP ever purchased by me. I've purchased in game items but never paid for an app till now.

7. I hate when people think I have to wait around and do things according to THEIR schedule. I mean, COME ON. Have some consideration and actual RESPECT my needs too.

8. Writing down all my DVD/BluRay discs to put on the site is very freaking time consuming and frankly my fucking hands hurt. But putting them into a master list will be very useful... when wanting to know what I own and what I want to watch. 

9. Wow... people are saying Mass Effect Andromeda has fucked up graphics. Ouch. That is why I don't buy some titles right on release days. However, I also heard that the company said there will be no graphics fix or update to fix it. WOW. Just.... WOW. 

10. The closer we get to Wrestlemania the more excited I get. 33 Wrestlemanias and I still FEEL this way. Thanks Vince McMahon. I might not agree with some directions certain things go but I am ALWAYS excited for Wrestlemania.

11. Well it is official there is about a 2 inch scar on my right hand. I thought when the kitty scratch healed I wouldn't have a scar but SURPRISE. Looks like I'll have to make a decision on what tattoo to put over it. Bu the time I am done my whole right arm and hand will be covered. Guess I might consider moving to the left?!?!?!

12. Sometimes I amaze myself with the way I find around things.

13.I have decided I will NOT replace my microwave. They are dangerous and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

14. Hey Mom... I know you are somewhere in the universe. I just want you to know... that pollen season SUCKS and so does this changing weather from hot to cold and back again. (Mom and I used to bitch at each other about allergies and getting cold/hot from weather changes).

15. Dig a tunnel dig dig a tunnel...

16. Boo-ping kitty noses makes me smile. 

17. Ok whatever cat or the one dog I have that misses the piddle pad EVERY TIME... why am I bothering buying these if half your boo-boos end up on the floor and not the pad. SERIOUSLY?!?!

18. I love when I accomplish something. It makes me feel SPECIAL. 

19. I am still trying to find which Klondike Bar I like best. *sigh* Takes lots of RESEARCH ya know? LOL.

20. Why is it when I touch cardboard I end up always with a huge cut? It hurts like hell too. Worse than when I cut with a knife. Why do paper/cardboard cuts hurt worse than other things?


  1. I highly recommend the carmel pretzel crunch Klondikes.

  2. Regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda The big issues is the facail Expressions there is really nil, in the other mass Effect games you had facial expressions that really did it for those games in their time But ME:A is pretty sad compared to those.

    I found a few Pixelation issues adn I have a high end rig with a GE Force 1050 Ti card And The hair I found when you where picking colors looked Pixelated unless you went dark/black It wasn't as noticeable. HOWEVER i was playing trail and that could be a trail effect and may differ when you have a full Purchased copy. I get my copy in 5 days.

  3. I am very afraid of a war with North Korea.
    I am glad your friend sent you food and toys for the kitties. I wish I could love weight, but I make no effort to eat better or exercise.


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