Martha's Thoughts

1. Kids have started playing near my house lately... hmmm. Wonder if I should like buy a ball or something and just go out there and play? 

2. I lost weight. I can fit into my Mom's pajama bottoms. Yea, I saved some of Mom's Favorite clothes that I just WANTED... and the pink pj bottoms with cats on them... sentimental. I was SHOCKED when I could put them on because... well... look at me... and then look at Mom.
This was taken in 2012 right after my heart attack... I weighed around 250 then...

Mom was a little thing because she was ALWAYS active ... she worked in flowers and plants. Of course, we didn't know then she had cancer but she had gotten small WAY WAY before that. She went from 200+ to 120lbs. Mom was a phenom. Truly. Now I can fit in HER pants. I cried. She'd be so damn proud of me. I'm doing it Mom... your girl is doing it.

3. I can't believe the BS that is going down on WWE. I am not thrilled Roman Reigns will face Undertaker at Wrestlemania... but what can I do. I was thrilled that the deadman decided to start his mind games Monday on Raw. hehehe... get 'em Taker.

4. My kitties are snuggling with me more and more. I don't know WHY... but I welcome all this love. Even Khan and Poe are getting closer to me. Cookie and Finn dominate the area around me cause they are HUGE but Bama is so small she just fits snuggled up beside me on the arm of the couch. I truly am BLESSED to have such love and affection.

5. So I have been doing more around the house... hanging up curtains and hammering.... lifting things I probably shouldn't lift because I have a stent in my heart (docs say I shouldn't lift over 15lbs). But I am doing little things and it makes me feel SO accomplished. 

6. The microwave is possessed so I killed it. It came on the other night and I heard it (I hear EVERYTHING because I learned it from Dad ... being the Vietnam Vet he was and could wake up at a pin drop, I learned to listen even in sleep from him). I heard the damn thing come on... then I heard what sounded like sparks and grinding. I jumped up and unplugged the son of a bitch... cussing the ENTIRE time because this microwave wasn't THAT old (maybe 2 or 3 years at the most) ... so I re-plugged it in and it is GONE. REST IN PEACE MICROWAVE. Thank you for the good baked potatoes and for warming up things... oh, and all the popcorn. I don't know if I want another microwave... It freaks me out that this happened and I thought 'what if I hadn't heard it? the house could have caught fire'. Erin says I saved us all. YAY FOR HERO MARTHA!

7. If I don't get a NEW microwave I'll be using the OVEN a lot more which is a pain in the boohiney but doable. I do want my own AIR POPPER for Popcorn though... so I am putting it on my wishlist since I be poor.

8. I swear Breath of the Wild is HUMONGOUS. I never thought Legend of Zelda would be SO open world because the first one was so small... well, it was to me. But BOTW is just... awesome. 

9. People have made me doubt myself lately. I don't like that feeling at all. I am who I am. I don't really care if anyone likes me or not... All I've ever done is jump through hoops trying to please everyone else. For 13 years I was a slave to a man who could care less what I wanted, thought, needed, or what was good for me. I have lived trying to impress my family only to have them abandon me. I am TIRED of catering to EVERYONE ELSE'S expectations of me. From now on... the only one's expectations of me I give a damn about are MY OWN!

10. I was thinking about putting my music up... but then again... I get very scared of sharing it due to people being CRUEL just for the sake of being cruel. I love my music... and I just couldn't take someone tearing it down in any way.

11. Erin's Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! I got him a movie (Justice League Dark) and some Cupcakes to celebrate... also Breath of the Wild was part of his b-day and so were the 8bit Link and Gold Mario for our collection. YAY. Happy Birthday darlin'. Thanks for being YOU and being there for me. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. XOXOXO


  1. Yeah microwaves creep me out we have one but I don't use it i hate the food done in a microwave it either comes out like rocks or tastes blah I don't even like using it to heat up stuff or drinks. My mom on the other hand likes it though she gets everyone else to use it for her and my youngest son likes it. I guess I'm fussy.

    Don't let others get to you, you are unique, you are YOU! If they can't deal or handle that They not worth your time, effort or respect. each person is unique, different if they expect any more or any less They have issues not you **HUGS**

    1. This is the 2nd microwave in 3 years to do this so I think I am done. I don't want to take the chance that it would go MENTAL when I am not at home.

      Thanks for the kind words sis.... it gets hard when people want you to fit in a mold of what THEY want. What about what I want? I don't want to be like others. I want to be me. Them telling me you should post this and do this and do that... it irks me.

      **HUGS** Thanks sis, you always make me feel better.


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