In Other Words: Luck

good fortune; advantage or success as the result of chance,
a combination of circumstances, events, by chance bringing good or ill to a person,
some object on which good fortune is supposed to depend

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word luck

Seth considered himself a man with a bright future.
Sadly, an injury put him on the sideline for a long time.
After lots of work his injury healed and he returned to what he loved doing.
Yet, again he was injured putting him out of action.
Still, he thinks it's luck that it's not more serious than it could be.

(For Seth, Get Well Soon Man cause you HAVE to be at Wrestlemania 33 and whip Triple H's ass all over Orlando, FL!!!!)


  1. I am a firm believer that perspective is everything. We can survive, overcome, or just adapt if we believe that we can. Good story for the prompt!

  2. Seth has a good attitude about the problems that have befallen him, things could always be worse! But then again, he might need to consider that this isn't the career choice for him. It sounds like he loves what he does though, so I'm betting he'll be back in the ring before no time. :-)

  3. Like your story. Seth is a winner! He has a great attitude and that is most important when life is hard. Thanks for linking to In Other Words.


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